Regal Richard Armitage


~ by Servetus on May 9, 2016.

25 Responses to “Regal Richard Armitage”

  1. Och, der ist ja hübsch 😊

    • IKR? You can almost imagine him in real Shakespearan dress from this one.

      • Auf jeden Fall. Und der Bart muss da schon sein. Auch wenn das nicht alle wahrhaben wollen 😂

        • Einen schönen Mann kann nichts entstellen. Er sieht wirklich königlich aus und kann Könige aller Art glaubhaft darstellen – ich hätte wirklich nichts gegen noch einen Monarchen (mit langem Haupthaar, wenns nach mir geht). 🙂

  2. He’s quick, isn’t he 🙂 He does scrub up pretty well.
    Uh, I’d love to see him in Macbeth. I’d even come to NYC for it (hopeful).

  3. I wonder when was this taken? Did he manage to grow that beard back in 2 weeks ?

    • I am guessing that this must have been taken in 2014. So it’s potentially Proctor’s beard.

      • Yes. That makes sense. Also I can see now that he has his costume on. For a moment yesterday I thought that this was a new look he was trying … the jacket and the shirt .. :D.
        The man has made weird dress choices before.

  4. Ugh. This man is so damn attractive he even makes me like the beard.

  5. I wasn’t going to see ATTLG at the cinema when I thought his cameo was only a walk through or maybe just a couple of lines, but I’ve changed my mind now. This king looks like he’ll make the price of a ticket worthwhile!!

    • I certainly plan to see it! More than positive some of the grandkids will want to go even if they’re all grown up now. Me? I never want to grow up! 🙂

    • I agree. Still don’t know if I will try to go the first night, but am definitely going to the theater now 🙂

  6. Nice costume! And the guy who’s wearing it isn’t that bad either 😉

  7. Triste photographie truquée, triste promotion tapageuse. De plus en plus déçue je m’éloigne de tout ce tapage artificiel, qui me fait pleurer, voire m’arracher de ce monde trop loin de ma réalité. Sorry je préfère l’herborisation printanière: Orchis Ophrys Anacamptis Himantoglossum…

    • Well, acting is more or less pretense, and so is marketing. I’m sorry you feel that way. Be well.

      • Thank you!
        “I wish you well mrs Servetus” no more winter snowflakes, blood and tears but I send you petals of spring flowers, lot of my bad English wispered words and sincere smiles for you. 🙂
        Due to your blog and about four years of english movies’ intense watching, I have more and more friends at work ( not only english teachers) to whom to speak of my great love of mr Armitage’s native language through all sorts of movies.
        At least when I am angry I speak in English or I use metaphors taken in my film knowledge. ( such as KAA and the famous Mowglys’ hypnosis or “the secret of flying daggers” bamboo forest battle)
        It is always wonderful to disarm my interlocutor.
        Que vos convictions religieuses, vos connaissances, votre bonté de coeur, vos certitudes vous gardent debout dans vos bottes!
        A bientôt

  8. I saw Captain America-Civil War last evening and an Alice trailer was shown, this one didn’t show RA which was probably a good thing as that might have been his whole contribution LOL, I was surprised at the tiny role Martin Freeman had, RA’s Heinz Kruger was much better.

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