Richard Armitage’s reaction to his Fangoria win


~ by Servetus on May 10, 2016.

9 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s reaction to his Fangoria win”

  1. A well deserved win – Best supporting TV actor – Congratulations!
    Not too keen on the picture, though. I still hope it’s not a real tiger.
    Once again, Richard deflects his merits and honours his colleagues. Good man 🙂


  2. I’m happy for him, and I thought Gillian was excellent too. Not a big fan of the show at all, though, and I will definitely not watch it again.
    That is a fake tiger, by the way.


    • yeah, I think that’s been confirmed in the interval. I know I assumed that at the time but a lot of people said it was real …


  3. Richard seems for now “always the bridesmaid never the bride” but one day it will be reversed. You’re just too powerful not to be. As for the tiger-such beautiful animals! Would hate to believe it is drugged but hate more to think that someone killed such a massive beautiful beast. Can’t help it, beauty should be admired in all species, never destroyed esp for trophies.


  4. Woops, misread!! Sorry. Congrats Richard. You definitely deserve it.( Tiger comment still stands.) duh


  5. Congratulations, Mr. Armitage. you played this part so hauntingly beautiful, with a touch of evil, sadness, and compassion. Every scene/episodes that you were in was great.


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