Richard Armitage in Berlin Station has definitely reignited my burner

Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) talks with his boss in Washington (I assume) in the first teaser trailer for Berlin Station. My cap.

Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) talks with his boss in Washington (I assume) in the first teaser trailer for Berlin Station. My cap.

I’ve watched this teaser trailer about two dozen times now. I’m really excited!

As you’ve been reading for a while I’ve been struggling with my fandom. I do think a factor in that was that 2015 was a year without projects to love. I respect the work that went into Hannibal (and I still think I will write more about it), but it wasn’t something I could look forward to. Instead, I was dreading it. Even Richard Armitage has not been able to sell me on another descent into David Copperfield, at least not so far. The intro to The Turn of the Screw was well done — but not really sustaining.

This, on the other hand — Berlin Station — looks fantastic and exciting. I’m sure it will revisit some of the terrain of Spooks but at least so far I don’t care. Something to get thrilled about for fall! A reason to look forward! I haven’t felt this way since 2014 (with BOTFA and The Crucible). I’m glad to feel this way again.

~ by Servetus on May 13, 2016.

34 Responses to “Richard Armitage in Berlin Station has definitely reignited my burner”

  1. I think Berlin Station looks great, too.

  2. I completely agree. Hannibal and Dickens were not for me so it’s been hard to keep the enthusiasm. The things I would have loved to have seen have not been released and the prospect of him possibly doing a play in NY depresses me personally as I know I won’t be able to get to that and it would also lengthen his absence from our screens. Totally agree he needs to do what nourishes him but it’s still sad for the far flung fans.

    Berlin Station looks really good and I’m keeping everything crossed that will get to see it in Australia.

    • I think both Pilgrimage and Brain on Fire have excellent changes of being sold (they have other important names in them), so hopefully we will be able to see them (and a DVD version) soon. Not so optimistic about the others.

      I don’t know anything about how Australian TV picks its shows but you’d think spy stories would play there as well as everywhere else, no?

      • We sometimes get things almost simultaneously with the U.S. ( for example Homeland) but i think it depends on the marketing and I know some of my Australian buddies are worried. OTOH, if they can capitalise on the ‘Spooks’ connection I think it would find a wide audience here.

        • You probaby have London Spy and The Night Manager already, or still coming soon?

          • Sadly no. I think they are on BBC First pay channel – the Bollyknickers household only has free to air TV. 😦

            So that blows my optimistic theory out of the water…

  3. I’m rather hopeful that a Canadian channel will pick up Berlin Station – if not, then a US one that we can access from here. It’s an exciting prospect.

    • I really wonder what will happen (but am too lazy to do market research). I saw an EPIX ad last night on another network, for a documentary that really looked fantastic — but EPIX exclusive. I wonder how much that will draw people. At least on our cable network it’s not much additional expense — but add a channel b/c you want content? OTOH maybe if the content is really good the channel will become more widely purchasable.

  4. I know! Right? For some reason, I feel three years younger.

  5. I am so glad to read that!!!!
    Hopefully the series will be able to satisfy our expectations (and will be shown promptly all around the world)!!!

    • yes. I suppose the risk is that it’s all “look” and no story.

      • Olen Steinhauer got some raving reviews (in some very earnest feuilletons!!) for his recently published new book (in German). This gives us reason to hope for the best, right??!! 😀

        • I’ve just been reading a Steinhauer book for the first time this weekend — will be posting. It’s excellent.

  6. Very chuffed to read that 🙂
    It’s been six years for me now with no signs of abating. For six years, I’ve read your blog and enjoyed it very much. Most of those years were spent as a lurker 🙂 I hope you’ll channel your reignited burner into your productivity.
    This series looks very intense, very angsty, maybe action-packed(?) – I hope it’s an excellent alternative to the Bourne-series, which I enjoyed immensely.

    • My mixed feelings about Armitage haven’t been the only thing slowing me down lately but they have been an important contributor. It definitely helps when there is new stuff to look at!

  7. I have seen the preview to Berlin Station and it does look very exciting, but I just wish that a different company would show it. I know that I and a few others won’t be able to get the EPIX channel, and I really would love to see Mr. Richard Armitage in Berlin Station. why couldn’t TNT, FX, SYFY, even the BBC America, and a few others stations could have pick Berlin Station. Almost everybody in America has at least one of these stations. Why did these people pick a channel that so few can get and never heard of. In my heart ( my opinion) I have a feeling that these people who made this, don’t have confidence in this show and Mr. Richard Armitage(sorry I know a lot of his fans will be angry about my saying of these things) but that is how I feel. if these people had confidence I think they would have put it on one of those channels I mentioned. I know I just became a fan of Mr. Richard Armitage towards the middle/end of 2015, and what I have seen in his movies, heard in his audiobooks, seen and heard different things from the internet(interviews). Mr. Richard Armitage is a hauntingly, sexy, talented, honest, compassionate, gentleman and actor. I just think that it is a shame that certain people don’t see his talent. Also I would like to say sorry that Mr. Richard Armitage didn’t win the audible award for Love Poems.

    • I’m no expert on this, but my understanding is that Paramount is producing the series, and then they sell it to a network that makes an order for episodes. In other words, the producers don’t pick a network; rather, the network orders episodes of the show. It’s not about what Paramount / Anonymous Content think about their product so much as who it is agrees to buy the content, and in this case they bought 10 episodes before they even saw one of them, so I think they actually did fairly well (in the US a lot of television buying is done on the basis of a pilot, which didn’t happen here, as far as I know).

      I think that EPIX chose it because they wanted content that would draw people to their channel; price will also have been a factor. I don’t know why other channels didn’t pick it up, but I’m guessing that there isn’t one reason that applies to all the outlets. BBC America primarily broadcasts things from England and its own coproductions with English groups. TNT has very little original programming; it’s mostly rebroadcast. As far as I know, FX broadcasts only original series that Fox coproduces (I may be wrong; I’m not a huge TV watcher); a realistic spy series doesn’t fit SYFY’s profile very well.

  8. I agree not much going on recently. But the year before he had one project after another so maybe it was time to take a break. It would help if they’d release some of the movies he’s completed….still waiting on those. I didn’t even finish watching Hannibal….not my cup of tea. Berlin Station looks like a redux of Spooks, but still looking forward to seeing something new.

    • yeah, I’m not criticizing him; he should do what he wants. I’m just saying that my interest overlap with his output this year was low.

  9. This looks very exciting…I can already feel my expectations rise. I’m desperate for that feeling I used to get when watching Spooks…hopefully this will feel the same!

  10. I’m glad you’re getting excited for this! 🙂

  11. Phwoosh

  12. I have come to a stark realization, I won’t be able to enjoy Berlin Station. Epix network isn’t available in Canada. I will have to rely on all of you to fill me in. =(

    • Epix now supposedly has a distribution deal with Hulu in the works — so you may be able to get this that way eventually?

  13. I am so glad that he is finally doing something that is coming on TV even thought it is a station that I may be not able to receive where I am in the US. I hate that they chose these odd stations also. I feel like it has been such a drought on RA and so disgusting waiting on all these movies to come to life The one I was waiting on so much was “Sleepwalker” that was made in 2014. It sounded so good, a thriller, but is still sitting on the shelf and same with Urban and the Shed Crew hoping it goes into DVD mode. and now he has a chance for Brain on Fire and Pilgrimage at the CFF to come to life so I think they will at least get released.

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  15. […] exposed us to for the last week. To my own astonishment, I am hugely energized by this move and, on top of the Berlin Station previews, re-attracted with an intensity that’s been away for awhile. I wouldn’t have guessed […]

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