Richard Armitage mission 2.0

Once upon a time, Richard Armitage’s fans did mission on his behalf. People talked about buying an additional copy of the North & South DVD so that they could have one to lend out without depriving themselves. Dear Friend — who played an important role in my turn to the Armitage fandom — used to invite people over to watch it with dinner regularly. She even converted a MAN to Richard Armitage by doing it.

Today I read that Audible has a new sharing program — if you own an Audible audiobook, you will be allowed one share to a friend — or friends! Audible will pay the same fees to the people who made the item, so it’s a way to put a few more pennies in Richard Armitage’s bank account if you would like to do that. And possibly a very effective way to draw more people into the wonders of Armitage!

I just wouldn’t start with David Copperfield.


[ETA: apparently this feature is only available within the U.S. market!]

~ by Servetus on May 13, 2016.

27 Responses to “Richard Armitage mission 2.0”

  1. That’s a good thought. Hamlet would be a good one as a demo of his skills and would appeal to both sexes. I adore his Heyer readings but I can’t see them converting men 😉 (Even if they did enjoy them I’m sure they would never admit it!)

    I know I won’t convince you, but I have now finished DC and it really is an extraordinary tour de force. Some parts are pretty trying (Dickens’ fault, not RA – I’m not a Dickens fan either) but others are either genuinely funny and/or genuinely moving.

    • Not saying I will never get there but right now I don’t see it happening. My dislike of Dickens (especially his brand of emotionality) is so significant that I am skeptical that Armitage could get me over it. I did buy it, I tried 40 min of it and it was enough 🙂 Honestly, the only way I think I could get through it would be to commit to listening to one “installment” every month (the way original readers did), but it would still feel like homework. Maybe if he finally wins an Audie for it next year.

      Yeah, I don’t see Heyer converting men either.

  2. I finished DC not long ago. It’s really terrific. But I can see that 36 hours of something you don’t like might be like torture to your ears! I’d love to share my audiobooks, especially the expensive DC, to someone who couldn’t justify the spend, but I see so far it’s just available in the US market.

  3. It works in Italy too because a couple of days ago I shared DC with a friend of mine who loves RA but didn’t have it. Very good policy, I must say.

  4. Lords of the North? I’ve wanted to give that one a try, but I’m afraid it may not be my cup of tea.

    • It’s probably his best one IMO, but I haven’t been able to get past disc 3. I am really involved in the story and I know what happens on disc 4 and am not sure I’ll survive the emotion.

      • Thought it to be not my kind of genre when I set about to listen to this huge audiobook. Actually it was one of my first audiobooks ever! I had started to listen to Richards audio work shortly after I had encountered John Thornton in autemn 2010 for the first time!)
        True, it took me a bit to find my way around, and it definitely helped that it was gorgeous RA whom I was listening to. (A couple of years ago, as a non-native English speaker, it offered some downright special challenges!! 😉 ) Yet Richard was simply incredible with all the many different voices. He had mentioned in an interview, that picturing a choreography to himself/in his head has helped him to read and accomplish all those fights and to get him especially through those mass battles. It almost sounded like “Uthred” moved dance-like with his sword between those fierce and grim warriors…. Imagining him (and the others) in those sceneries felt natural and somehow easy (Haha… that was all long before RA’s training for Thorin!!) Jeez, “Lords of the North” was a genuinely brilliant, vivid and a thrilling ride and I felt really sorry when it came to an end. Always hoped Richard would read another of the “Uthred” stories! It’s absoluteley worth the long time one spends with him! 😀

        • For a long time it was the only truly long book he had done, which was also in its favor.

  5. I have bought Hamlet and am absolutely in love with it, but for some reason I have not bought Copperfield, somehow I have never simply been able to get into this work. Love his Love poems and even his Georgette Heyer books and his renditions of his RH but I guess i will wait for something else before purchasing Copperfield, if I ever succumb.

    • I think it’s the kind of thing I might do in a drought or if I really needed a project, but I can think of projects I’d rather do 🙂

  6. Several women friends/sisters have succumbed to the RA factor. However, a lot of unsolicited discussions I’ve had in person regarding RA, are men? Rarely gay men, either. The discussion is way different from what I enjoy here, but interesting that they are even paying attention. One man told me he enjoyed the memes/funnies quite a bit, but wanted to know, ‘Why Robin Hood? And… Why the Gisborne character?’ Mostly, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, they all seem to have already watched the series and like it. They don’t seem to be watching multiple times tho. They also don’t seem (for the most part anyway) to be connecting the actor with other projects. Guess his breast factor is off the radar for most of those men. 😈

    It might also be that I am a glutton for punishment, but have enjoyed David Copperfield, ahem, more than once. I was sick with phenomena for almost 8 weeks so maybe I had a bit more time to listen.

    Lords of the North! I cannot count the times I’ve listened to that.💗 Mostly when alone late at work. It encouraged me to read the whole series, and others as well as Bernard Cornwall’s first non fic, Waterloo, but never get tired of Lords. Sadly, it is the only RA narrated one in the Cornwall series. None of the other audio adaptations are anywhere near as good and I have purchased many of them to listen on road trips, so I do not believe I am making an unfair or uninformed assessment. Well mostly fair, obviously I am biased in some aspects, but in that, I think I am in good company here.😈

    • I’ve been surprised at who all has seen Guy of Gisborne — perhaps the reruns on BBCA helped.

      • I don’t know, I don’t have cable anymore. The men that talk to me about it all seem to have seen it years ago. It would make sense for the BBCAmerica channel to rerun them. Regardless, it has not been completely forgotten. A short article with Robin Hood listed first: 5 TV Shows Canceled Due To An Idiotic Mistake –

        • There’s a lot of info missing in that article, though. All the actors had signed 3 year contracts, which is standard in the UK (as opposed to the US) — Armitage and Allen both wanted to go, not just Armstrong. Armitage lobbied for Guy to be killed off in a way that would make it impossible for him to return. By the third season average weekly viewers in the UK had dropped by half. The series had been made in Hungary to take advantage of the exchange rate and lower labor costs there — which was good in 2006/7 when the pound was at an alltime high, but by 2008/9 the exchange rate was changing in favor of the forint which made the series more expensive to make. It was a no-brainer to cancel it, in my opinion — if I’d been at the BBC I probably would have done the same.

          • Agreed, however I didn’t know about the exchange rate difference at the time. Can’t blame RA for wanting out either, wasn’t he was doing Spooks/MI-5 by then too? Although I do admire (among other things) the impressive work ethic that takes. BTW—not that I think this would be on your view list, but Lucy Griffiths is in the new Preacher on AMC. I probably would not have known, but the story is based off one of my all time favorite comic series by Garth Ennis from Northern Ireland. I noticed her name in the credits, but had to watch it again to see which character she played. It isn’t one that was in the comic, but they have not stuck to cannon 100% in the first episode so maybe she won’t be killed off or replaced after the first episode like she was in Constantine.

            • Yeah, he shot Spooks 7 right after Robin Hood 2. He lost all that weight for the beginning of Spooks 7 and then had to train to regain it and a bunch of muscle as RH 3 was really physically strenuous.

              I saw some positive comments on Preacher in my feed last night. I like her a lot — I hope she continues to have a successful career!

              • Yeah, that first episode of spooks was crazy how skinny he was. Men that big need a lot of fuel, protein mostly, to move, much less maintain muscle mass on any level. One man I know, insists that there is no substitute for meat in his diet in order to maintain his muscles. Of course he works as a stuntman and working out when he isn’t on a film set is usually a good six hours a day. He is easy on the eyes too when he stops in to pick up his comic fix in shorts and tank top afterwords. 😈
                I too hope she finds success too, it is insanely difficult.

                • She earned a big soft spot in the fandom for saying a lot of wildly positive things about Armitage in one interview; two that I remember were that he would do absolutely anything to make another actor comfortable in a scene and that he was the best scene partner she’d ever had (well, she was 23 at the time but still).

                  re: meat — it is a really efficient way to pack in certain nutrients.

  7. I just wish I could get hold of a copy of Lords of the North – but I don’t think it’s available anywhere now, is it?

  8. I was excited Lucy Griffiths was going to be in the Constantine tv series and that it was sticking closer to the comic series. I’ve read the series since Alan Moore created the character in the late 80s. She did a great job on it too. The next thing I hear, she is off the series. Grrr So I hope she is around longer on the Preacher series, but her character is not in the comic series, so I don’t have a clue, other than it looks like they are trying to develop a love triangle between her, Jesse Custer (preacher) and his ex-girlfriend, Tulip. Which BTW, Tulip is a major important ongoing character in the comic as she quickly becomes his girlfriend and they are together through the whole series. Which doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for Lucy Griffiths character. 🙁

    For the record, I am not suggesting these stories or shows to everyone. They contained a whole lot of adult, profane, offensive themes. I don’t enjoy them because they contain the themes they do, but for how brilliantly so much of the stories are written. 😈

    • Hmm, she was the victim of a love triangle in RH — maybe we should send her a telegram and warn her!

      • I think she is going to be a victim in this love triangle for sure, but I hope she doesn’t get killed, or turned into a vampire by Cassidy. Jesse Custer’s best friend, Cassidy is a vampire, his ex-girlfriend is a violent criminal with several dead at her hands and he is trying to be a good preacher. See how Griffith’s love triangle could go wrong fast? Yeesh, maybe a telegram warning her to ‘run as fast as she can’ is a good idea 😈

        • I was channel surfing and just ran across it so decided to watch. I would never have recognized that mousey character as Lucy Griffiths! Really convincing accent, too.

          • I know! They have made her look and dress really mousey, but you can still notice how pretty she is in some scenes. Although in others, I notice she still has her signature disapproving look too. 😈 I sure hope they don’t kill her off in the series.

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