Warmup to Berlin Station: Might we see clips of Richard Armitage this summer?

EPIX Virtual Reality tie in for the series, described here.

~ by Servetus on May 16, 2016.

17 Responses to “Warmup to Berlin Station: Might we see clips of Richard Armitage this summer?”

  1. The article was very interesting – am I correct in thinking they are putting a lot of money into Berlin Station. It seems RA has picked another very interesting project.


  2. easier to spell, anyway.

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  3. I have never experienced VR in any form, but I guess this will be my gateway to catching up to the latest entertainment technology. Heaven help me, I hope I am smart enough to figure it out.


    • Kathy, I’m fully confident you’ll get it right! However, I myself am usually sufficiently challenged with this despicable thing called…reality!!!! 😀


      • I don’t have to worry about you, Linda. Those of us in the fandom know reality is overrated. 😉


  4. This sounds like a cool promotional idea. I am so looking forward to Berlin Station.


  5. I love the idea, but I am now afraid that I’ll have to somehow get up to speed on my smartphone problem. Sigh.


    • What about a tablet – are you also reluctant to get one such? Quite useful and yet not forcing commitment and round-the-clock availability as a smartphone does.
      BTW, just because it says “internet-connected mobile devices”, doesn’t mean the extra content is not accessible via laptop/desktop computer. I think you’ll be able to see it on your Macbook, too.
      And as a total spoilsport I have to add, that I don’t expect that much from these extras. The bonus material probably does not contain additional scenes from the series or the actors, full-stop. To me it sounds more like CGI shots of the scenery that will give you a 360 degree view of the locations and allow you to “walk” into them and look around.


      • We have a tablet — given to us by the smartphone company, lol. I keep saying I’m going to teach dad how to use it and then he never wants to learn. I just really like my laptop. I can do everything i want to do on it really quickly.


  6. Fervently hoping that an old lady like me can figure it all out. I’m still not as smart as my iPhone is! 😉 Sounds very exciting though!!


  7. Interesting promotional angle. I’ll follow closely and see if I can’t work it out. Hopefully with the help of all of you 😉


  8. I’m enjoying the idea of a virtual reality armitage.


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