Inspired by Esther, some favorite Richard Armitage vintage fanvids

Here are three I used to watch endlessly in the initial days of Armitagemania. They may not be the best but I loved them and they inspired me. For some reason I got out of the habit after Strike Back and so, although I know there are a ton of Thorin vids out there I don’t think I have ever watched them. In fact, I have never used the “fanvids” tag until now.

Esther prompted this post with her discussion of favorite fanvids. Also, RAFrenzy did a great post evaluating the best Armitage fanvids, back in the day. And the much missed bccmee was also very interested in fanvids.

First, “Your Love is My Drug,” by vogonfanvids. I think that vogonfanvids was actually a pseud for a relatively well known Armitage vidder, but the details escape me at the moment.

Then, “Poker Face,” by Guy’s Love Palace. Actually I think this vid was originally by Romana55.

Finally, Delicate Blossom’s “Teenage Dream”:

And just to conclude, here are two I made myself.

Lucas, to a Regina Spektor song:

And Guy of Gisborne, to a My Morning Jacket song:

~ by Servetus on May 21, 2016.

26 Responses to “Inspired by Esther, some favorite Richard Armitage vintage fanvids”

  1. Oh ja, diese Fanvideos. Ich erinnere mich, ich habe sie anfänglich rauf und runter geschaut. Es gibt immer noch Lieder, die verbinde ich ausschießlich mit RA, z.B. Bad Things von Jace Everett 😎


  2. Unfassbar, zu was der Mann einen alles treibt…… 😉


    • I know, right? I listened to that album over and over again, all the way from Nashville to Chattanooga. TWICE.


  3. ENTSETZLICH! Und lass mich raten, du hast es genossen 😂
    Auf meinem iPhone existiert eine Playlist mit Liedern, die da lautet: Best of RA. Abgründe tun sich auf ……


    • Abgründe! Ich selbst bin ich noch vollkommen in dieser “Oh mein Gott, noch so ein unglaubliches Video” – Phase. Habe lange Listen für alle Gelegenheiten und jegliche Stimmungslage… Unfassbar, zu was der Mann einem alles treibt – also ehrlich. 😉


  4. My favorite fanvid is “Confession.” That was the one that got me started.


  5. I love your Lucas North vid even if it is so painful, never could get over series 9. I had almost stopped watching too then I saw on YT this morning, a thank you from someone who attended the Urban premiere in Leeds very sweet, they call themselves the Archangels.


  6. I have a whole playlist devoted to RA and “Your Love is My Drug” is on it. It’s a lot of fun. I’m not familiar with these others and will definitely add them.


  7. Am I the only one who really misses Guy? This makes me feel kind of nostalgic……


  8. Perfect for a sunday morning 🙂 I really love the last ❤ but I can´t see the first 😦


  9. Ah, lovely! Especially seeing the ones you made, they’re really good!!
    I stopped watching fanvids around Robin Hood/Spooks because, even though I found Richard good in those, both series never really ignited for me. I did go back to watching fanvids again during Strike Back (some really good ones set to some really good music then!) and then some of Thorin and then stopped again… the watching fanvids thing has been quite intermittent for me after the first craze of the first 2 years or so.


  10. Love the two new fan vids you added. Must admit the Guy fanvids have always been my fav, can’t get enough of that character the medieval menace just does something to me, I have 314 of his, so when I get in the mood still hit them once in a while like the SB have 64 of those good music and a lot of Lucas North, but we all know season 9 didn’t happen he went to Berlin 😉 Good to fall back on when I don’t have time to watch all my RA videos or listen to my audios.


  11. It seemed for awhile he was so, err, available, I think that’s when I stopped looking for the videos. I still enjoy them!


    • I think that’s true — after mid-2012 or so there was suddenly all this stuff. It’s part of why people are so speechless now — it’s the first real drought there’s been in years.


  12. Esther added to her list of favorites:


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