Richard Armitage’s Jutland narration

I would suggest you watch this quickly!

~ by Servetus on May 23, 2016.

27 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s Jutland narration”

  1. What did you think about the documentary, Servetus?
    He does have a great voice 🙂

    • I thought it was less interesting than the ones he narrated about the HMS Ark Royal, but WWI is material I used to teach a lot and so relatively familiar.

  2. Richard has done an awesome job narrating this tragic story of human life loss and naval history. I’m currently reading “Dead Wake” by Erik Larson, an account of the events that preceded and followed the sinking of the Lusitania. I wouldn’t have thought all this naval battle stuff would appeal to me, but I’m really hooked on the stories of the people involved and how their decisions impacted others. Makes you think harder about today’s POTUS candidates and how they might handle a true crisis. Thanks for posting this vid 🙂

    • I agree, it’s surprisingly interesting once you get into it. If you like this kind of thing but haven’t read Lost Moon (about the Apollo 13 mission) or Scott and Amundsen (about the race for the South Pole), you might find them interesting.

  3. Just watched it! Thanks, it was very interesting.

  4. Watched. Thanks for posting it. These kinds of stories hook me all the time, and naval ones really draw in hubby. Such tragedy, intrigue and horror.

  5. Thank you. It was very interesting. How did you find it?

    • UA tweeted that he had done it. If you wanted to see it from the US, you needed to circumvent a geoblock (an easy way is via a VPN). Then, the particularly industrious person could make a screen recording while watching it via VPN. The particularly industrious who made the screen recording in this case then appears to have uploaded it to YT. I got a notification when that happened. 🙂

      • Thanks to the particularly industrious person for passing this particularly interesting information to you, And thank you for sharing this particularly interesting information with the rest of us. 🙂

  6. Most interesting! More so because some of the ships sailed from Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands where my maternal Grandmother was born. I’d heard of the Battle of Jutland but didn’t know much of the historic details until now. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • WWI is such a morass of complicated detail — marine warfare usually gets short shrift as it was not thought to have been decisive.

  7. thank you Servetus for sharing this. I have listened to Mr. Richard Armitage do the audiobooks but this is the first time I heard/watched a documentary done by him. when I heard him speak, he had such passion, and just a touch of sadness in his voice when he was telling the story of Jutland. I have listened/seen different types of history documentaries and some of the people who do the narrations have no feelings( they talk like robots), but when you hear Mr. Richard Armitage speak, you can tell that he puts his heart and soul into these readings/documentaries.

    • he’s done a lot of them — I think the ones on financial crime were the most interesting, and the one about the kids who were trying to get a scholarship to a British public school.

  8. Thanks!

  9. I always enjoy listening to Richard’s narration even though in the beginning this one sounds a wee bit like a TV reporter reading/speaking although less so as you get more into it. Wonder if he does these things for the money or the subject matter. Anything about sunken ships is always fascinating especially with modern technology in the mix. Tks.

    • If I were him I’d pick things that were likely to be resold across different markets (and stuff that I didn’t object to personally). I have wondered over the years whether some of these topics (the environmental ones, for instance) are nearer to his heart than (say) the ones on financial fraud.

  10. When I was younger for some reason I always found these documentaries about world war II very interesting regarding the sea battles which never got as much notoriety. Of course non were narrated by RA, but I always found them interesting. His voice makes it more so.

    • For me there’s a definite interest in these huge ships — looking back a hundred years and seeing these colossal floating fortresses. I’m an emphatic pacific but the engineering is fascinating.

  11. What a waste of life. That is one reason why we need more european integration and not less.

  12. Finally got to watch this. As a Dane, I have of course heard of “the Battle of Jutland”, but never realized its importance to the British or to WWI. I always thought this battle was fought in the late 1700s, and that it was a battle between the Danes and the British. Just goes to show my ignorance. I think I have always connected it to when the British bombarded Copenhagen.
    What a remarkable and deserved vindication of a naval officer. It is an extraordinary story of how modern historical forensic research can help us understand the actual goings on to a far greater extent. I found it extremely interesting, and I never imagined that so many naval ships lie at the bottom of the sea close to the Jutland peninsula.
    And, of course, it is always great to hear that smooth, deep voice.

    • Archaeology is having a real high point at the moment in revising historical conclusions thought to be relatively firm.

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