A few more Richard Armitage fan vids to remember

This showed up today in a feed somewhere, and I remembered that I also watched it many times:

And Esther continues her series, this time with her favorite Vicar of Dibley vids! This was my favorite Dibley vid, by bccmee, who we all still really miss.

~ by Servetus on May 26, 2016.

6 Responses to “A few more Richard Armitage fan vids to remember”

  1. Yeah, I like that Dibley video too! The sadistic lover one not so much… Guy and me were never that much of a match…


  2. Richards facial shape has many sharpe and angular features which tend to lend itself perfectly for crueler parts-but plaster a smile on that same face and you have Mr. Sexy Sunshine. 🙂 The music vids are a matter of personal taste like anything else, songs,cuts of RA so there are many to select from. I am sure when Berlin Station is out there will start being some new ones of him again. PS: Guy is my sexy cruel Medieval Menace.


    • What we’ve seen of Berlin Station so far almost seems like a music video itself — wonder how vidders will deal with that?


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