I wonder what the odds of that are


~ by Servetus on May 26, 2016.

22 Responses to “I wonder what the odds of that are”

  1. Richard “Slowhand” Armitage.
    Could it be possible? Would he let us hear him play?
    A Gibson ‘Les Paul’ no less. It doesn’t look like it’s the one Eric Clapton uses.


  2. Hey there’s another thumb shot for ya!!


    • You know me so well!


      • As you are so wonderfully well-versed in his hand anatomy (among other places 😉 ) are you like me and think he has the most perfect fingers for playing both the cello and the guitar – and of course the flute. The ends of his fingers and where his nails are in relation to them must really make a difference. Mine come way too close to my finger tips so made playing the cello a little harder. Not that I’ve played for many a year! If only we could see and hear him play one day. We can dream, can’t we?


  3. Do you think he will be taking on a role as a musician? I like! 🙂


    • There’s apparently a Queen film in preproduction that people are speculating about — Sacha Baron Cohen just left it. He looks a bit like Bryan May.


  4. Well, there is that picture of him playing air guitar in the My Celebrity Boyfriend book.


  5. ugh! why does he always mess with our heads?! Just tell us what it is already!


  6. I hope that it is a cd of music that Mr. Richard Armitage is working on. It would be so wonderful to hear him sing and play that guitar, but what would be more wonderful is to hear him play the flute, and especially the cello.


    • We can hope. I don’t know that any Armitage fan anticipated he’d be singing in The Hobbit (although the Hobbit fans probably thought so).

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  7. What a wonderful shot of hand and fingers this is! 😍but distraction aside I’d take even a live singing gig if it’s not for a full role ..please with singing as well as guitar playing


  8. Are we sure that’s him? He looks very thin, almost frail, but I guess that could just be the pose.


  9. What? What? What?….is this????? He’s even wearing one of this (typical) musicians t-shirts… Hell, surely that man can do ‘cool’ good….


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