Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: “Les Paul” edition


~ by Servetus on May 26, 2016.

21 Responses to “Places I would like to kiss Richard Armitage: “Les Paul” edition”

  1. no thumbs?


  2. What about the folds of the printed tee just where it bunches across the solarplexus???


  3. Upper thigh, upper thigh… that’s it today!! Simply! Boy, I hear you….


  4. Hmmm, that pick up selector


  5. Ode to Thighs and Jean Rips

    If I could kiss RA’s upper thigh,
    With contentment I would surely sigh.
    Then move my lips.
    To his sexy jean rips.
    Something I’d love to try.
    It would be fun,
    To thrust my tongue,
    Into his raggedy jeans,
    But while I’m doing that,
    How could he kiss be back?
    It’s not the stuff of dreams.

    Kathy Jones

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  6. Thanks you guys. I actually questioned my taste level on this one, but I realized I didn’t have a taste level to live up to. 🙂


  7. How can you ask such a question when the guitar is covering up so much of his body??


    • I have wanted to kiss battery pack in the past, but I don’t really want to kiss his guitar …


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