Suzy learns how to find jobs for refugees in Germany #richardarmitage

Following up on Armitage’s interest in the refugee situation in Berlin earlier this year, here’s the latest installment of fellow Armitage fan Suzy’s experiences with refugees. She’s recently taken a job with the German employment office, in the branch that attempts to find work for migrants. The German version is here and an English translation is here.

~ by Servetus on May 28, 2016.

9 Responses to “Suzy learns how to find jobs for refugees in Germany #richardarmitage”

  1. I just need to say how much I love it when people of passion find the jobs or create the jobs that match their abilities and gifts. This is truly inspirational in that it answers a need. How ever many lives Suzy will touch, it will make those individuals’ lives different, better and changed. Lives touching lives. I’m truly touched and inspired by Suzy’s story.


    • Thank you! And you´re right, Lives touching lives. In my case I´m touching a lot of interesting lives and wonderful people!


  2. This is a stunning story. On so many levels. Thank you for translating and for posting.


  3. De part ce que vous faites et de part ce dont vous témoignez, vous êtes dans la Réalité, dans la Vérité, vous participez à l’Histoire. Je vous remercie Suzy et donc Servetus par la même occasion, de ces articles édifiants.
    Ils ont à mes yeux plus de valeurs, que tous les artifices qui veulent nous faire acheter, écouter ou regarder des films, des videos, des lectures sans qualité intrinsèque, ou sans accroche à la réflexion sur le monde réel actuel.
    Si chacun a le droit de se distraire, il ne faut pas oublier la qualité et la portée des outils employés.
    Merci à vous deux Susy and Servetus pour cela.


    • It’s somewhat lame only to translate but there are no refugees here.


      • Only thank both of you to write about this not only european subject. With such edifying articles, through your blogs, you deal with reality, with truth and so you participate in the History.
        For me they have more value than any subtlety, that wants to lead us to buy, to read or to look at, videos, movies or books, without intrinsic quality or without any catcher on second thought on the current real world.
        If each has can have fun, he would not forget the quality and the reach (scope or impact) of the tools he uses.
        i try in English …


    • Thanks!!


  4. […] to help refugees in Germany integrate into the world of work (previous installment of this story here). She’s learned to think like a bureaucrat and is trying to figure out how to force the […]


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