Places I’d like to kiss Richard Armitage: Dolarhyde lip prosthetic edition

Because I can’t help myself; I’ve been staring at this picture all day.


~ by Servetus on June 2, 2016.

33 Responses to “Places I’d like to kiss Richard Armitage: Dolarhyde lip prosthetic edition”

  1. Er hat dich wohl hypnotisiert …… 😝
    Ich muss ständig auf diese Lippe starren und das tut mir förmlich weh.

  2. Kiss it and make it better?

    • Maybe?! Ein Versuch wäre es wert….
      Jedenfalls beherrscht er den waidwunden Blick ganz hervorragend 😆

  3. On the carotid artery so I can feel the pulse beat (geesh suppose to be a witch not a vampire) or the little dip where the collar bone meets.

    • Hey, that reminded me, any word about that witch vampire book to movie thing people were speculating about last summer? Anyway, that is an amazingly realistic prosthetic. I’ve seen the real thing pretty close up and wow, excellent work! Nope, don’t want to kiss it, time for the beard again.

      • It’s going to be a tv series, was the last news.

        • HIS tv series?

          • Afaik it’s still in development and no one has been cast (whatever film company that had had the rights did not renew the option and she resold the rights to a tv group). I think when he followed her on Twitter in August 2014, though, he potentially indicated his interest.

          • This implies the BBC has let go of it, which might also affect his interest level, I suspect:

            • I only read the first book and I didn’t really see him in it….and since he always asks my opinion first..lalalalalallalla.

              • yeah … I think the protagonist looks a lot like him but I don’t think the book I read was that great. However, a lot of people will probably be interested in seeing it, at least the first episodes. I wonder what the deal is, though — why the movie company didn’t act on the rights. It soured me a bit that Harkness knew for a long time that they wouldn’t make a film but still let fans lobby her and the film company.

                • It could be anything from she wanted too much control to they didn’t like the writing and decided they couldn’t sell it. Maybe the Vampire market is saturated….the day they had to make the decision the head guy’s teenage daughter was crying over Edward. lol I don’t think there is much rhyme or reason to some of these ‘business’ decisions.

    • both good choices!

    • That “little dip” has been a favourite spot of mine for years! blushes

  4. It’s a thing of his; the way he can effortlessly lift one eyebrow. We’re back to the expressive forehead again 🙂

    • it’s interesting to me that it’s the left side of his face.

      • Yeah, it seems always to be on the same side (his left). I wonder if it’s something which is natural (always been there), or if it’s something he picked up, and then it’s turned into a habit:-‘)
        Re. the red mark on his cheek; it’s true that at one point he stated in an interview that he suffers from a type of psoriasis. Then he went and supported a charity against a genetic skin disorder, Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), and there may be some connection (not necessarily to the lift of an eyebrow, though).

        • Not sure but if you ever watch him in slomo emotion moves across his face from left to right, so it may be a natural reaction that he’s worked on enhancing.

        • Re: the red marks on his cheek.. I’ve also read somewhere he’s suffering from psoriasis, but to me, this looks like ‘rosacea’ in a mild form. I have this, too, and the severity of the rash depends strongly on stress factors or nutrition.
          I’m also fascinated by the close-up with the cleft palate, it looks absolutely natural. Excellent work!

      • Okay, I just went from ‘kissing’ to discussing hypothetical diseases. Sorry, not my intention.

  5. The way the collar is hanging I can imagine he buttoned his shirt up wrong because he was so eager to get into work that day to try out his new prosthetic lip.

  6. How does he do that one-sided eye wrinkle thing and still look good? I just tried it and only managed to look stupid 😦 Don’t think I fancy kissing the prosthetic though! It’s the real thing or nothing for me!!! 😀

  7. I wonder if they practice one-eyebrow lifts in drama school?

  8. Hey, I’d kiss the prosthetic. (Then maybe the nose. His nose looks kind of spongy and cute in that photo).

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