Donate to Berliner Stadtmission — English link #richardarmitage

It is not too late. This is a link to donate to their general fund for refugees — they list specific uses they will make of the money and you can donate, for example, for gear for children and babies (suggested donation to equip one child is €23).


~ by Servetus on June 7, 2016.

5 Responses to “Donate to Berliner Stadtmission — English link #richardarmitage”

  1. Wow, that message he tweeted about the thanks was pretty strong – the most forcefully I’ve ever read from him. I think his stance is pretty clear in that one.


  2. Yes, we shouldn’t forget the pleight of the refugees.
    My daughter’s 5th grade class has welcomed three girls who have travelled from Syria to Denmark.
    One has come alone. Unfortunately, she got separated from her parents in south-east Europe somewhere, and the parents had to return to Syria. So she’s here living with an aunt, but we cannot fathom the sacrifices they go through on their way toward safety. Thank heavens for Skype, but she would rather be with her parents, I’m sure.


    • I can’t imagine the anguish of being separated from a child / parent in souch a situation. I’m glad your daughter’s class is doing what they can.


      • Terrible, horrible situation.
        These receiving-classes (literal translation) constitute a pilot project. Usually, immigrant/refugee children are sent to specialist classes to learn the language, customs, and just being a child in a non-threatening environment. However, where we live, the children are channeled into “normal” classes and receive specialist language training on the side. Integration-wise it’s apparently successful. So far, we’ve only welcomed girls, and often immigrant boys can be a handful. But so far, it looks promising.


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