Intel re: Bridget Cleary

A fellow fan who wishes to remain nameless wrote with the following information and image. Apparently there was another video on Armitage’s vimeo channel that is now deleted.

Jim O’Hanlon is an Irish director who has mainly worked in TV (Coronation Street, the Emma miniseries with Johnny Lee Miller, Quirke with Gabriel Byrne), currently finishing a feature film with Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton. Executive Producer Martha O’Neill (has lately mostly worked in Irish TV production. Production company is Wildfire Films. Incidentally, Wildfire has already previously done work on the Bridget Cleary theme – trailer of their documentary “Fairy Wife: The Burning of Bridget Cleary” can be seen on Vimeo here.




~ by Servetus on June 7, 2016.

8 Responses to “Intel re: Bridget Cleary”

  1. producer? Wow!


  2. I am really hoping this one makes it to film and is released. I found the book fascinating.


  3. RA is now doing what he aspired to do some years ago. I’m really chuffed for him.
    I hope to see it in the near future.


  4. Definitely a fascinating story and should be interesting to watch.Also am hoping this one makes it out into the world. I never saw a man who kept himself so busy but has such a dry spell on releases.


  5. Well I’m confused. Is this a movie in the making now, a fan poster? Or is it going to be a documentary (there are no actors listed on the poster) ?


  6. looks like they are working towards funding maybe? at any rate movement is good, hopefully for him and us 🙂


  7. So happy to see his name listed as a producer, something he’s always wanted to do.


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