More on Berlin refugees and the current political situation



~ by Servetus on June 7, 2016.

8 Responses to “More on Berlin refugees and the current political situation”

  1. Pretty forceful talk for Mr. Armitage on this tweet. I think I am pretty clear on his opinion on a few things. I’m a little surprised on how firm he sounds but I like that he is.

    • I think it would be better for him to be forceful about true statements, but whatever. I know he speaks from the heart.

  2. well, as a migrant myself in Europe i know it’s not all sweet and good, but overall indeed better than most places to live and there certainly is only one way of making it better, keep improving it from within 🙂 If only i had a say in the place i’ve been paying taxes… but that’s another story entirely and better not to get the discussion started, it’s all eclipsing all else at the moment, wrongly so as it indicates it is mostly about the wrong things.

    • i just think it’s silly to praise the masses and castigate the leadership when in Germany, where he lived for the past however many months, it’s the (current) leadership that’s pro-open border and big segments of the population that’s now voting far-Right. I seem to remember the highest numbers ever for NF/Le Pen sometime last fall. I’ll leave out what I think about Brexit just to avoid setting a fire, since I don’t live in the UK. It’s like he doesn’t actually read the paper.

      • well the arguments on both sides round here are starting to turn from not very convincing on both sides to downright incompetent. It’s all degraded to mostly scaremongering and i’m not surprised many people don’t know how to vote because little ‘positive’ argument is made. He could very well be referring to leadership round here 😉 London local elections have thankfully boosted my morale because otherwise i’m finding current politics as well as politicians highly disappointing and unprofessional. Which isn’t helping with the growing ‘anti’ sentiment either. Having hands tied with the crazy circus going on around you not helping either 😉 But it’s true that talking to people like Suzy from Silverbluelining or just getting involved with the mountain of small tasks due for people in real need puts all the political naval-gazing back into perspective. I hope that basic reality and common sense will end up prevailing. But i don’t think it is a given and it is in turbulent times like these that we can’t take things for granted and we are asked to demonstrate we act according to beliefs we say we have.

        • I was really happy about / for Sadiq Khan as well. And I agree volunteering is great and makes one feel better about the world in general. However, I’ve experienced before that the people you meet volunteering are precisely the people of the highest good will, not the silent majority, who may be in a very different mood. I also hope that common sense prevails, but my impression is that there’s not much common sense left in the political world right now, which is true not only for elites but also for everyday people.

          • well, it was the everyday peeps who made Sadiq mayor because we’re mostly fed up with everyone counting in this town but the people actually living here 😉 But like every big town it’s not that representative of the country. What disappoints me in the debate and in the people involved in it is the lack of aspirational ideas, the lack of vision around national and European identity and the lack of courage to look at the country as it is today, not as it is in their rich privileged all white neighborhoods. It infuriates me so much of my tax money is spent on a petty and incompetent debate about economic scares and migrant scares, none of which are true or were ever true for this country. Maybe if more people had brought in at least a few, even if overly idealistic, views on what it means to be European beyond trade we’d have had a more meaningful think on things and there would be less confusion. There have been scientists, actors etc but they’ve been drowned out by politicians. The debate about my workplace and job has funnily enough been stressful but much more meaningful and meaty. Too bad the politicians are nowhere near that standard. But at least there is evidence that battles can be won in society, that things can be turned around, but you need something strong to believe in. And i’ll stop here, sorry for the mix of frustrations and rays of hope 😉

            • I’ll let you know whether I feel hopeful after November. 🙂 If I haven’t self-combusted by then. re: Many voters not understanding the real demographics of our countries, absolutely, but then there’s a huge problem in the US with people who are in a position to “get it” either not participating or not being willing to do what they need to do to participate.

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