This is actually funny


I assume everyone knows this, but German regionalism means that the number of words for any particular noun can be extensive and the usage of these is rather particular to certain places. If you walk into a bakery and ask for a Brötchen (roll), you’d better not be in a place that calls it a Semmel or a Schrippe, or people will look at you funny.

There are several different words in Germany for what Americans call a jelly doughnut and Israelis call a סופגניה. Here are some of the many other names for this food item in Germany and out. One of the German words is Berliner, which is why, although everyone watching at the time knew what he meant and what he said was correct, awareness of this matter can make it amusing to contemplate John F. Kennedy’s famous statement at the Berlin Wall. However, people who actually live in Berlin would never call it a Berliner, because they live there — they’d just call it a Pfannkuchen. Which is the rule that the bot above is enforcing.

I tweeted something about the Berliner Stadtmission. I guess they want me to call it a Pfannkuchen Stadtmission? Which would make it a lot sweeter to spend time there, I suppose.

~ by Servetus on June 7, 2016.

4 Responses to “This is actually funny”

  1. 😂


  2. Auf diese Möglichkeit des Missverständnisses wäre ich nie gekommen – funny 🙂


  3. Berliner = Pfannkuchen und Pfannkuchen = Eierkuchen…da soll man als Nicht-Berliner noch durchblicken 😉

    Aber in der Mannheimer Gegend ist es nicht besser. Die sagen zu Kolter (=Decke) Teppich. Und als (unwissender) Teenie fand ich es mehr als befremdlich, als mir der Cousin meines Vaters erzählte, daß er vor der Abfahrt seine Mutter in den Teppich eingewickelt hatte und das auch noch einfach so zugab :mrgreen:


  4. Maybe they feed the refugees pancakes? (which in the US is something else entirely)



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