Confirmation edges closer: Eliot Kennedy + Richard Armitage


~ by Servetus on June 8, 2016.

21 Responses to “Confirmation edges closer: Eliot Kennedy + Richard Armitage”

  1. If that’s not confirmation, I’m not sure what is ❤
    Eliot Kennedy RT’d me so I’m convinced 🙂 as well as superpumped ❤ ❤
    He’s a great songwriter!!


  2. Color me ignorant, but what is this movie about?


  3. It seems settled. However, didn’t RA promise us 2 more tweets; I wonder what’s taking him so long?
    It’s going to be pretty tight – Mid Life Crisis presumably filmed in the UK somewhere, and a play in NYC.
    Busy, busy, busy the next six months.


    • I’m thinking that Mid Life Crisis was probably one of the things he was referring to (but of course, I could be wrong).


      • Could this be the “new” Full Monty?
        I could write a list of what thrills me about recent events. Needless to say, what most of us have wished for are presumably coming true:
        RA plays an instrument, sings (hopefully), comedy (not the dark character (hopefully)), doesn’t die (hopefully), and will his character (finally) get the girl (if any)?


        • I know, I am still kind of shaking my head! Well, maybe his character will be a straight man 🙂


          • 🙂 Good one.
            – or get the boy (if any) – or the dog 😉 What I’m driving at here is a not-gloomy ending. For once!


  4. What I’ve been wondering about is if Richard’s character will be sympathetic and charming. I doubt he’ll be a bad guy or die, at least.


  5. Another one bites the dust 😁


  6. Oh, oh.. do you think… could it be possible… quivers with pleasure at


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