Here it comes?


~ by Servetus on June 8, 2016.

9 Responses to “Here it comes?”

  1. So’s Christmas. Its getting closer anyways.


  2. anytime soon 😋


    • yeah, good question. As I’m hanging on the primaries results tonight I am sort of glued to the screen for a while anyway.

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      • yup, i watched an interesting debate about the pros and cons of Hilary’s politics on Newsnight tonight too.It was good to hear a debate about something else than the ‘other’ one. Crossing fingers for good luck. For there and here as well.


      • Me too. Had to leave in the middle of Trp’s speech. Set the recorder so I could hear HC and also to see who won the other primaries not counting NJ. Another matter always thought RA would be against Brexit. What is he up to I wonder and when.


  3. This tweet made me giggle. I know a play will be wonderful, for him and for those who are able to see it, but selfishly I’m kind of hoping for a film that will be more accessible. 😉


    • I’m laying bets it will be both a play and a film: Love, Love, Love and Mid Life Crisis.


    • If the Weinsteins distribute the film, we might even see it here in the middle of nowhere. Crossing fingers.


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