“Mid-Life Crisis” the movie follows Richard Armitage and Toby Stephens


~ by Servetus on June 8, 2016.

37 Responses to ““Mid-Life Crisis” the movie follows Richard Armitage and Toby Stephens”

  1. and Colin Salmon also had a small role in Strike Back

  2. Richard and Toby in the same movie?! That would be great!

  3. No fucking way. Am DYING!!!!!!

  4. Mid Life also has an instagram account with no posts.

  5. More interestingly: MidlifeMovie has liked Armitage’s tweet from yesterday re. “amp switched off, earplugs in, announcements to come”… That nails it for me. Here: https://twitter.com/MidLifeMovie/likes

    • so now I wonder what the other announcement is. I would be surprised if he did two such similar projects as Mid-Life Crisis and Love, Love, Love.

      • Well – the play is happening pretty soon. Theoretically he could be rehearsing for that already. And Midlife Crisis presumably also shooting “this summer”: https://twitter.com/Uk_Production/status/733312624423804929 Which one is it???

        • oh yes, that’s right now the timing coincides so maybe not? hm hm… so far the movie seems to be a near definite…

          • Well, let’s count backwards. Play premieres end of September (incl. previews), three, four weeks rehearsal time. Brings us to end of August. A film like that takes 6 to 8 weeks, which would be end of June. Doable?! We’ll know either when he delivers us of our ignorance or starts tweeting on BST 😀

            • Oh yes forgot he’s Mr “can’t stop working ‘ doesn’t need a break between months and months of work OK then I’m only slightly panicked by the idea of a play on the other side of an ocean in just a few months… 😲

              • Well, he’s had a bit of a break since Berlin Station… ended at the end of April. It is June now. You and I only take 2 week’s holidays at a time, too…

  6. I’m so freaking excited omg! ❤ First thing a friend of mine asked when I told her about this is if we’ll get an album full of Richard’s vocals, aaaaah!

  7. Two of my favorite actors….hope it sees the light of day!!

  8. This is just SO good! I’m smiling so much, an emoticon won’t do the trick.

  9. Oh my goodness – this is so exciting! Perhaps I haven’t been paying enough attention but I was not expecting this. I’ll be on cloud nine if this is confirmed – especially if he is in the band!

  10. IMDb lists it for 2017, so that would allow some leeway for fitting in both projects.

  11. So this all leaves Bridget Cleary, Clearance, and Summer still in limbo.

    • I think there was a tweet from someone involved with Bridget Cleary that they are aiming for 2017. Clearance seems indefinite now — the director is occupied with other projects. And I’m not sure what is up with Summer.

  12. This is great news. The plot sounds fun too 🙂
    I guess we can all do with some light-hearted entertainment (I know I need some 😉 ) It’s also rather exciting to hear that he now dips his toes into producing. Wonder when he will direct his first film or play. Oh, the potential!

    • Opinions are split about whether he can “do” comedy but I think we’re all looking forward to it now!

      • He did Vicar of Dibley, didn’t he? Has he done anything else comedy related? There were some laughs in Robin Hood 😉
        I think paired with the right director and colleagues he would do well.

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