Trivia: Here was the casting call for Love, Love, Love

Interesting. Same call here. Specifies British accent. Here’s a review that summarizes the plot.

~ by Servetus on June 9, 2016.

8 Responses to “Trivia: Here was the casting call for Love, Love, Love”

  1. $831 per week? Luckily his Hobbit $ could let him afford to do something like this considering how much his lifestyle must cost at this point in his career.


    • This call is for supporting roles. He’ll probably pay a lead, so I’m assuming he makes more than $831 a week. However, yes — when you think about it (vs the cost of living in NYC, and keeping in mind that a cut goes to the agent), it’s very little.


      • I am leaning towards him not really being in the play but rather he liked the tweet because isn’t the director of the play the same as the director of the movie Mid Life Crisis?


  2. Well, just in case… I have scoped out the theatre seating and ticket prices for one of the upcoming shows. I wonder if that’s standard for this theatre or if the prices change based on demand? Thanks for the info!


  3. Should I be planning another trip to NYC, or not, that is the question. lol


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