Adrian Schiller (Reverend Hale in The Crucible) comments on Brexit

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~ by Servetus on June 10, 2016.

19 Responses to “Adrian Schiller (Reverend Hale in The Crucible) comments on Brexit”

  1. One of the best texts I read about this whole discussion. Sometimes I read the articles and thought “What do you want?” (Both sides) I never read or heard in the TV-Debates reall arguments for “that’s why you should vot for in/out”- And I am, as a german, tired of this Nazi-stuff.

    • I think he really gets why the EU should be important to the average person (as opposed to someone who is primarily focused on trade agreements). The whole “Germany / France are now friends” thing is huge. To me, it’s like a lot of people who comment on this have forgotten the entire bloody history of the twentieth century (or else think that it is “all in the past” now).

      • Yes. I remember reading an article where a british Journalist describe this Situation as “Britain has an identity crisis” in many ways thats something we all have – I think when the Krim crisis started and there was this change for many People which felt like back at cold ware times. And since then People searching for “easy answers” ´and saying “those are our Problem, we need to get rid of it”, is the easiest thing.

  2. My thoughts exactly and so so well expressed! i agree with and support every single word he wrote. And these are the thoughts, principles, ideas and feelings which should have been at the core of the debate and were sorely missing. I still hope it’s not too late to resurface them but sadly none of the prominent political voices think and feels this way. That’s what disappoints me about this amazingly creative, dynamic, open country – that it currently has the most backward and narrow minded political class in decades 😦 I can feel my own anxiety level rising every time i listen to a debate. Fingers crossed…

    • I feel that way about the US, too — why are these people governing us when everything in our demographics says they should not be able to get into office? The answer is — voter apathy.

  3. Brilliant. He just nails it and writes so beautifully, too!

    • Even independently of whether I agree with him, he writes really effectively.

      • I noticed that the few more deeply thought out opinions expressed came from actors and artists. As an aside, this is why i also enjoy a lot of interview with actors here, they are extremely articulate and express their ideas in very clear and interesting ways

  4. Very well said. It is quite interesting these days driving through parts of South London where people put up big banners “Vote Leave” in their front yards.
    I think Adrian is spot on.

  5. he had a followup, here:

  6. Ugh. As someone who has yet to make up my mind which way to vote I personally found his posts bigoted and unhelpful.

  7. Can’t say I disagree. Only I prefer and usually retort to logos argumentation on the subject, i.e. the economic aspect.
    Sadly, we see a sway towards isolation all over the world, only it wears different guises.

    • I think that’s obviously also a reason upon which to make a decision. However, I am not sure it is a reason that most people understand (or are willing to take the time to dig into).

      • I agree completely with you on that. When aspects of national importance are debated, emotions run deep.
        I originally wasn’t so EU pro before I took on a job where I got to experience the ramifications of opting out of matters of national security. What mattered most to me then was the sovereignty of the Danish krone, or I rather liked travelling abroad and having to deal with D-Mark, Pesetas and Lire. However, it doesn’t seem so important any more. The head of the Queen needn’t be on the crown(krone) so to speak. Isolation leads to distrust in all aspect of society.
        Sorry, I’m ranting here.

        • Obviously as an American I would tend to have a certain kind of opinion about this, but there are very real geopolitical questions in play at the moment that would be significantly impacted by a Brexit.

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