Richard Armitage warns?


~ by Servetus on June 11, 2016.

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  1. I know, it seems a little heavy handed. But it was getting intense. Including an 8 tweet rant from someone calling him out for being bad-mannered and mistreating his fans. Seriously? Say what you will, but I love the Frankie Goes to Hollywood reference (Relax is now playing in my head. Fine for now, but…)

    • That was an account that was obviously created specifically to harass him (look at the whole account). Guess he rewarded the harasser, then.

      • Yes. Him / her and a bunch of others who have been pushy about it. Plus, when he teased about announcements, what was he expecting to happen? Naive much?

        • To be honest, I’ve been watching the @RCArmitage live stream for two days and I would say I have seen the complaining messages from known fans in perhaps 5% of total messages. He’s always going to get some flack and he needs to get used to that. This troll account existed before this, but it only got really active today.

          and I agree absolutely. he’s the only reason anyone has a clue about this play (in particular), so if he doesn’t want people to get tense, then he should keep mum. It’s not like this is his first encounter with angsty fans.

          • The troll account intrigues me. Why do that? I witnessed angst in another fandom today – seriously nasty – but took the same pattern as the clashes we’ve seen in the RA fandom in the past. Sorry – probably hijacking the thread – but it intrigues me how vested people get in their crush.

            • are you watching the fringes of the BC fandom lately? That’s been fascinating. I don’t comment on it here but I’m definitely glued to that screen.

              re: trolling — I don’t pretend to understand the motivation but it’s usually people who get a thrill from watching other people’s negative emotions. Often they have a sense of superiority toward fans whom they regard as ridiculous, silly, stupid, etc.

              • Not BC, but maybe I should tune in there too! Fandom dynamics can be quite fascinating it seems.

                • Outlander fandom has been really nasty lately. It must be going around. I wonder if the troll account is that Canadian woman.

                  • If you don’t mind my asking, what’s wrong in Outlanderworld?

                    In BC-world a small but notorious group of fans are fighting over whether his child is real and he is really married to Sophie Hunter.

                    • Oh Lord. Seriously? Is it possible to assess how crazy one is to another?

                    • What interests me about it is that really nicely demonstrates my theories about fandom-object as tulpa.

                    • The Sam and Cait shippers have been getting really nasty with the show runners and the “they’re just friends” anti-shippers.

                      Honestly, I am so glad I’m not a celebrity. I’d have been in rehab a dozen times over if I’d had to deal with that kind of crap o a daily basis.

                      I’d seriously consider taking time off of work to fly across the country to see Richard on stage, but I’m not planning anything until something is confirmed. I don’t spend four hours trapped in the “screaming toddler” section of the plane for just a

                      Also, I’m kind of surprised that his song choice hasn’t set the tongues of the RichLee faction wagging.

                    • I really hope that a celebrity learns not to pay too much attention to what fans do or say. Seriously. Responding to bad behavior generally only rewards it. And fans are going to do what they are going to do anyway. That said — there was a segment of the Armitage fandom that was convinced he and DDA had something, back in the day. But they weren’t allowed to discuss it on RA forums because at that time they all had rules that one could not discuss his personal life.

                      As far as I can tell the RichLee segment has noticed the tweet but has not yet commented on the song meaning. Then again, the band itself consistently lied about it themselves at the time.

                  • That’s the fandom I’ve been watching. Yes, nasty. Nastier than the AA?

  2. 😀😎👍 Mum’s the word.
    I think we’re already having fun, but, then, I’m not on tumblr or much on twitter either.

  3. Perhaps it’s a warning not to do it, not buy theatre tickets, until the official announcement because, while it is fun to speculate what the projects may be, he doesn’t want people to lay out cash and book a trip for something that may not be happening. Perhaps?

    • Well, if that is what he wanted to say, then given what’s been in the @RCArmitage stream since he liked the @chrissyinwm tweet, he should have been much more direct. The best way to say what you want to say is to try to say it plainly. Even on social media.

      • True, saying it plainly is one way to go but this way is much more interesting. A game. Sometimes games are taken too seriously. And in our fast food immediate gratification type society we are not too patient for answers. I am thinking also that perhaps this tweet is to reassure that answers will be coming, that he hasn’t thrown it out there without intending to follow through in a while. Personally I hate being teased, just tell me already!

        • OK, but the plain sense of the message seems to be that people should not take the game so seriously. So I don’t see how this message is an attempt to extend the game, or why he would want to do that, if he’s bothered with what fans are doing. If you are correct, he is speaking at cross purposes to his own goals.

          • I think he acts more on whims than goals. I think he gets an idea he thinks will be humourous and goes with it. My impression is he is genuinely surprised at firestorms that pop up. That is one of the things I like about him…he tries to be a bit spontaneous even though he keeps getting burned. Of course, that is all my thinking since of course I know nothing at all real about him.

  4. I don’t know him either, and I’m fully aware that he shows no evidence of being a linear thinker, but this is a piece of speech that seems intended to create a particular result right at this moment. If that’s the case, it’s just not plausible to assume that it means the opposite of what it says it means or something entirely different. I think it’s reasonable to assume that he said this because he wanted to stop whatever was going on this afternoon, not extend the game. If he wanted to point out that the game was pointless, he simply could have said he was not doing Love Love Love. Presumably it does not break a contract to state that you have not been cast in something you have not been cast in, as you would not have a contract. (Although perhaps he might have other reasons for doing that.) In other words, I think the meaning of this statement is relatively clear and I don’t need a long timeline to explain it. It is perfectly intelligible between the current context and the literal meaning of the text.

    • I totally agree that this text is literal to stop the negative stuff since his announcement tweet and continue with the lighter aspects of the guessing. He has a bit a Dad vibe sometimes that way.

      • yes, but if he reads his feed at the level of knowing what people are feuding about, then he must also know that people are already buying tickets for the show they believe he is participating in. If he can’t confirm the show he is in, after liking a tweet about a particular show, and he wanted to encourage productive speculation, then he should speak differently than he just spoke. If the tweet he liked was an accident or something, then he should unlike it. So given what I think it is reasonable for him to know, I don’t think this tweet was about encouraging fun speculation. I think it was solely about telling people not to hassle each other and/or him.

        • I think so too. I hope so too. Because I would hate for people to go so far as buy tickets and book vacation time if he is not really in the play.

          • I think he is aware of that possibility, too. But I think if he were concerned about that he wouldn’t have liked the @chrissywm tweet. Following a theater and a director was a possible gaffe — or maybe he thought the announcement would come more quickly — but I don’t think liking a specific tweet was.

            • I suppose I am still hoping he will do the Edith Wharton movie. But I won’t complain about a couple months of stage door encounters – especially if he wears those button down the side trousers again.

  5. The more I look at this tweet, the more I I believe it means that RAs lips are sealed until his employers confirm, and that we should all relax and…have some fun😎
    However, who knows what goes on – I certainly don’t.

    • I suppose it depends on what you think is more important, “relax” or “don’t do it.”

  6. i can’t believe how some of these people/bloggers/tweeters are treating Mr. Richard Armitage. Have they forgotten that this is his twitter account/page, that he should be able to say anything that he wants and he shouldn’t have to remove anything unless he wants to remove it. I have been to a few blogs/websites and the people that run these websites have always said very nice things about Mr. Richard Armitage and sometimes they didn’t agree with things that he has said but they would say it in a nice,respectful way. then you have these other websites(that i won’t go to anymore) get down right nasty about things that he says. these people think that Mr. Richard Armitage is a certain character and he should act like this character but these people are forgetting that Mr. Richard Armitage is a human being not a character. the thing that i like about Mr. Richard Armitage is that he respects people and never says anything negative about anybody. a lot of people know that he goes to these websites to see what is being said about him, if he likes something he will hit the like key,etc., but if he reads anything bad about him, he will show respect by not saying anything, but if it is really nasty about his co-stars or even his family or friends, he will say something but he would do it in a very respectful, gentleman, way. Mr. Richard Armitage knows that people have different opinions and have every right to say what they want and he respects that, so why can’t these people show him the same respect that he shows them.

    • The answer would be complex, but lies, I suspect, in the power differential between Richard Armitage and his fans.

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