Richard Armitage deletes original response, posts new one


~ by Servetus on June 12, 2016.

9 Responses to “Richard Armitage deletes original response, posts new one”

  1. His other tweet is still valid in my opinion. A naive opinion maybe but the world would be better off. Sadly my utopia where humans don’t kill one another off in the name of anything – colour, ethniticity, creed, politics, ideaology, sexual orientation, gender – anything, is only a fantasy. (Sorry for my spelling mistakes). I think I understand why he took down the tweet since Obama confirmed it was IS but I applaud he put it up regardless even knowning, from past experience, the flack that would ensue. Speaking up for what you think is right trumps losing fans so I admire him for that.


    • Although I think the attack with an assault weapon killing and wounding scores of people in this case was a hate crime. Either in the name of religion, politics or homophobia — it is a hate crime.


  2. Prop. got to do with “guns”.
    I agree with him. I don’t understand why weapons are so readily accessible in the US – still.


    • Then again – read the comments in the inserted tweet from Breaking News.


      • The gunman’s father believes his son was anti – gay and was set off by seeing two men kissing. ISIS celebrating is sickening but I’m not surprised.


  3. I read the original tweet and replies before it was deleted. Someone called him out for appearing in Strike Back and other shows which could be seen to glorify guns. I remember at the time that he did not want to carry a gun in the promotional poster. The reply did make me a little uncomfortable tbh. Perhaps it hit a little too close to home for him. Just my speculation.


  4. Sorry to hear he got criticised after posting a benevolent tweet.
    I had assumed he deleted because his tweet and LPs came out seconds apart and he didn’t want people jumping to conclusions. Someone called Richlee posted a screenshot of them together.


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome. I saw a comment or two to that effect, but it was a tiny minority of all comments and insigificant in the proportion of negative responses. of course, there is no way to know.


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