Apparently Richard Armitage is on the Emmy ballot as one of 127

I’m sure someone will explain what this means.


~ by Servetus on June 14, 2016.

7 Responses to “Apparently Richard Armitage is on the Emmy ballot as one of 127”

  1. All I see is a secret hint to this James-Bond-speculation 😁


    • 😄


      • Saw it as as a sign from the universe. Or maybe a sign that the list is in alphabetical order. But it might be a positive because Emmy voters might not make it to the end of the list. They have a lot of names to go through.


        • I was thinking that, too — people at the beginning of the alphabet always have advantages due to alphabetical order 🙂


          • strongly agree says the one with a V 😉 i am keeping my fingers crossed for this one, i thought very deserving, a nomination would be fabulous!


  2. As per Emmy Awards Industry Calendar 2016, on June 13 the nomination voting began. I guess previously the lists of the potential nominees were made and RA is on the list. Nomination voting will end on June 27 and the nominations will be announced on July 14. Fingers crossed for RA.


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