He must already be filming Mid Life Crisis


ETA: Although, huh. Soho can be London or New York. Ah well. Maybe he’s already working on the play.

~ by Servetus on June 15, 2016.

32 Responses to “He must already be filming Mid Life Crisis”

  1. And yet, still no “announcement” from him. I’m still angry at Mr. Wishy Washy sorry to say.


  2. I see he corrected his tweet rather than delete the incorrect one though!


  3. Re: location – general consensus seems to be Soho London on basis that NY usually has a capitol H & Eliot Kennedy has tweeted he’s back in London to work on Mid Life Crisis. Guess that makes sense?

    Wherever he is, I’ll happily swap the weather! Dark, stormy and localised flooding here…


  4. I don’t know about the spelling, but I think he’s in London, too.


  5. I’m choosing to ignore any recent drama because lordy THIS PICTURE. Ovaries obliterated. I may have audibly squealed when seeing it this morning at the office.


    • LOL, see note about compartmentalizing above. That said, this was the first thing I saw this morning. Talk about getting knocked off my ass. I had plans for today …


  6. Mr. Richard Armitage, just wanted to tell you that I really love this picture. when i look at this picture i get to different images.In the first image, you have such a cool, sexiness, and confident look, and the second image i get is you have that “I don’t give a fuck what you people think of me.” attitude with just a touch of cockiness. LOVE IT!


  7. He deleted 2 previous tweets…


  8. i meant to say two images. i got so giddy looking at his picture that i misspelled that word.


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