If you’re thinking about Love Love Love

and you’re calling the box office of the Roundabout Theater, here is some information from their website that might be useful if you are not a subscriber or donor of the theatre. But PLEASE ask about these events and verify this information first before making any decisions on this basis, because they haven’t shared this information on their general website yet (which still has the 2015-16 season dates up). My impression is that this theater runs heavily on the “subject to change” basis, and their website is confusing, so if one of these events is important to you, check that it’s happening. This post is made solely to be helpful and I am not responsible for mistakes I might have made in transcribing, or changes the theater makes.

  • On Tuesdays, before the evening performance, there is a complimentary event for ticket holders for that evening’s show called “Theatre Talks,” which involve a presentation by a “Teaching Artist” and a discussion in the Bruce Mitchell Lobby.
  • Lecture Series: This is a discussion with distinguished artist, scholar, historian, or critic to assist audience members in learning more about the play they just saw. One of these is currently listed for 10/15.
  • Celebrity Series “brings members of the cast and crew to you, when a Roundabout teaching artist leads a lively post-show discussion about what really happens behind the scenes of a production.” These are listed on 10/23, 12/3, 12/4, 12/10, 12/11, 12/16 and 12/17.
  • HIPTIX party on 10/25 — tickets are reduced for under 35s (you must provide proof of age). Heavily discounted ticket prices for mezzanine seats, and there is an orchestra option as well.
  • Teacher’s Night series on 10/7 — discount for teachers who provide proof of union membership.

~ by Servetus on June 15, 2016.

13 Responses to “If you’re thinking about Love Love Love”

  1. This is really nice, Serv….after all the hijinks last few days, I’m not putting any plastic down till something more tangible is said, but it’s all good for planning.

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  2. I called the box office last week and they told me tickets for general public would go on sale June 20. I did not ask who was going to be in the play. Pretty sure they wouldn’t have told me. 🙂


    • I think the box office people probably don’t know. I have heard that date, and I have also heard that date is wrong. So don’t know.


  3. I am thinking and that’s all I will do, because my wallet says: not gonna happen! sigh


    • It’s expensive, and unfortunately the turmoil in the economy over the possible Brexist makes this an even harder risk to take. It’s entirely possible the dollar will soar this fall.

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      • Yes, who knows what the situation will be… We will just have to keep an eye on everything, and hoping Brexit won’t happen.


      • I’m thinking really hard about the things I have to sacrifice but would do, willingly but it’s not a given I’ll be able to scrape together in time for a weekend. This took my and my budget by surprise as this year expense is all related to getting a secure position here which would help me survive even in case of Brexit hell. Im praying for December possibility if flights within reach. Nightmare no2 is finally flight in reach with no tickets left and NYC being nothing like London in term of ticket returns… summary: I’m having a whole load of nightmares 😣


  4. Thank you for the info. I’m waiting for the official announcement that he’s doing it before committing, especially since it mean a plane trip and hotel reservations. But I’m disappointed with what you say is the theater’s reaction. Do they not realize that people will be flying in from all over to see him? If he’s really doing it, they need to be promoting the heck out of it.


    • They’re not allowed to say things that aren’t official, either, just like Armitage. The other thing is that they have a set procedure for selling tickets that is in place for every play. They have subscribers and donors who buy tickets and support their programs year after year (it is a non-profit). So of course they are going to serve those people first. They’re not going to change everything about how they do business just because Richard Armitage is in a show there. (The Old Vic didn’t, either 🙂 ).


  5. I have already run across a lady who already bought a plane ticket and tickets to the show and said she hoped it wouldn’t be a waste and I thought oh, honey, you really should have made sure of what is going on before making that kind of plunge on a comment in a tweet.


    • I assume everyone makes decisions on the basis of what their tolerance for risk, etc. is. I’m capable of that so I assume other fans are, too.


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