Kensington Palace decides to join the fray on cyberbullying

Interesting read.

~ by Servetus on June 16, 2016.

4 Responses to “Kensington Palace decides to join the fray on cyberbullying”

  1. They certainly have the influencing power to get traction on the matter, not the kind of people you say no to, even if you are a big corporation and they have a good mix in the group. I’d also think it is the right approach, you need the industry and the tech companies on board to. Based on their various other projects i’d say they are also good at pushing things along to get results. Any such coordinated efforts can only lead to improvements or at least better understanding of the problem and possible creative solutions.
    I’ll keep my eyes peeled, which shouldn’t be difficult as unsurprisingly we’re involved.

    Good find S, good to know about this.


    • My own thinking about this is that you’re not going to be able to control what people say, but controlling the platforms and equipment they use to say it might be more helpful. All that seems to help is a very active presence of people of good will, though, and I can’t see how the measures I would think would be most effective to end cyberbullying wouldn’t also constitute an invasion of privacy. But as you say, they certainly have the clout.


      • Personally i think trying to occupy youngsters outside the internet or particularly social media is the saner alternative. Of course things need to change from where they are now, but to me real life is still outside the internet, with real people and face to face interactions. Learning to deal with that and face those challenges is a better long term preparation for life and for getting pleasure out of it and out of different things. Of course there is no universal recipe, but i think kids and youngsters are better off if internet and social media is not the main thing in their social life. Getting out there, doing stuff in real life is what balances things out, it gives them something to fall back on, different experiences. I don’t want to generalise 🙂 But i just don’t see how anything can ever replace the pleasure of a face to face heart to heart conversation and a real hug, a shared experience in real life of something special, etc. Kids need to know that there are people and other kids out there who will listen to them for more than 140 characters, who will share stories with them beyond 140 characters etc. Makes me sad to thin of kids missing out on so many amazing experiences because their life revolves around a mobile device of some sort 😦


  2. I dunno. I doubt that it will happen. But honestly, if the Internet had been an option when I was a teen I would have been at it full blast. Because the Internet legitimates all kinds of niche interests and attitudes. It is THE place for people who think they are outsiders in real life. In my case, I was heavily active at school, work, and church — but it didn’t make me feel like I really belonged anywhere. I think the Internet at its best can really foster that, and that it’s a good thing. It’s been a huge blessing to some gay kids, for example, who can use it to see a little outside their surroundings and gain hope. I think RL is only better than the internet if you have an affirming real life, and I don’t think most adolescents did, even before the Internet.


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