This is what that photo reminded me of


~ by Servetus on June 16, 2016.

17 Responses to “This is what that photo reminded me of”

  1. Now that I see it, I remember that jacket in particular. You two certainly have good memories. Didn’t he wear it in a video?


  2. Yep. It was Faith.


  3. Oh sweet Jesus, this comparison! I can’t wait for this movie ❤ I’m hoping it gets a ton of photoshoots as well.


  4. This is serendipitous. I saw GM during his Faith tour at Earls Court. I remember being totally in lust with him – the long legs, the amazing moves and the leather…

    I’ve just had a look at the programme and discovered the date was 16 June 1988…

    Gee I always had good taste!

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    • That album hit the US like a ton of bricks. I was just entering university at the time and the music that was playing in those months is particularly vivid in my memory. The images not as much — but what an image. You did have good taste.


    • Haha I too was at Earls Court. It was awesome! For all we know, RA might have been there too 😊


  5. A vintage image.


  6. 😄😄😄


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