What if Richard Armitage DANCES in Mid Life Crisis?

Richard Armitage selfie, tweeted June 15, 2016.

Richard Armitage selfie, tweeted June 15, 2016.

SFGal posted this video in the comments and I was transported back to 1987. If you thought North & South exploded some reproductive systems … And presumably he knows how, as he admitted to having a Wham! poster as a teenager. (Of course, he retracted that statement the next year.)

~ by Servetus on June 16, 2016.

21 Responses to “What if Richard Armitage DANCES in Mid Life Crisis?”

  1. This is a VERY important question

  2. I would love a dance😄

  3. Singing and playing guitar will be a dream come true, but oh my, for some reason I hadn’t even considered he might dance in MLC! Will I survive “snake hips” Armitage?! 😉

    • I remember him saying EONS ago that he had the Michael Jackson moves and the hat and glove. I would metaphorically DIE if he did the moonwalk. DIE.

    • I’m not sure if I’d stay conscious if he danced like George does in this video, Mezz! swoooooon

  4. Even though I enjoyed some Wham and George Michael songs I was never very much into either… although, in hindsight, gotta say I do appreciate this George Michael look now. Especially the nicely fitted jeans… yep, I can see Richard doing this!

    • When I was a teen, to watch this (we didn’t have cable) I’d have had to stay up Saturday night to watch this late show. Also my mom was vigorously anti-dance. But I do remember the songs. And liking Wham! “Careless Whisper …”

      • Yeah, I liked that one too. And “Wake me up before you go go”, but I never got into George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, unlike a lot of my friends who went gaga over them. 🙂
        I’m sorry your mom was anti-dance, or didn’t you mind so much at the time?

        • This is a hard one to answer. Most of the kids I was allowed to go out with weren’t allowed to dance or go to dances, either, so I wasn’t isolated and it probably saved me from a lot of anguish insofar as worrying about how to go to prom was never an issue. I think I realized when I was in grad school, though, that the experience of dancing was something that it would have been good to have had.

  5. My pulse just accelerated… =)

  6. I am finding the premise of this story hysterical on a personal basis, having sung for years, my brother and I have been talking for months about going back “on the road” lol so someone else is having a “mid-life crisis. I identifying!! Rofl

  7. I can´t see the video 😦 but he´s too young for midlife crises……!

  8. I think I was well into mine by the time I was his age 🙂

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