Concern trolling in the Richard Armitage fandom #SCD2016

I shouldn’t amplify this, if I were following my own rules, but this is an example of me being concern trolled. This account was created in order to RT CyberSmile, to hassle people who disagree with CyberSmile, and to tweet various other kinds of unpleasantness. I’ve run across it before and the person who is tweeting there is a known sockpuppet in the fandom. Just an example of a real as opposed to a hypothetical manifestation with questionable behaviors in cyberspace among Richard Armitage’s fans. One picks up tweeps like this as a cost of doing business, i.e., speaking publicly. I don’t get why the person thinks that trolling in favor of a foundation that seeks to end cyberbullying is a good idea, but I don’t have to understand everyone. Oh, wait, I should be empathetic! Not today.


~ by Servetus on June 17, 2016.

15 Responses to “Concern trolling in the Richard Armitage fandom #SCD2016”

  1. As my baby cousin would say: what a butthead.


    • Which gets to one of the core issues with even discussing this — your comment violates the comment policy. Once someone starts a personal attack it’s really hard not to return it.


  2. Nothing screams dick like fake empathy or concern hiding behind what they think is clever sarcasm. Also, are they Santa or is it letters for Santa? They are confusing me.


  3. When I see shit like this I think, “Wow, I had no idea bloggers were targets of this kind of crap.” It makes me wonder what other nasty “communications” you receive and don’t post.

    Thank you for continuing to write. You really “put yourself out there”—which I’m both acknowledging and applauding—and I enjoy reading your blog. I keep hoping that your ruminations will help me answer my big questions: why me, why him, why now.

    In your shoes, I’d have no patience with attempted manipulations (or just plain meanness) like the one cited above, and thank you for carrying on with what I see as a major public service to fellow addicts.


    • I don’t think they all are, but as you say, I’m “out there.” It’s nowhere near as bad now as it was a few years ago. But / and thanks for your support!


  4. You’re very patient. This solidifies the reason why I never blogged. There’s enough stuff in RL where my attention is needed for empathy, encouragement, support, etc. than to have to face it online as well. I’m amazed you have the energy to do both. Kudos and thank you! Hey, do you EVER get to just be “light?” Mean comments just stink. The people who use them are just not people I want to fill up my heart, mind and personal space with.


    • I will admit that recent challenges have made it harder to be measured on-line. That said, it has really given me a widow into how Armitage fans might feel who are constantly the object of invective by other fans, so I suppose that is useful. We are all (kind of) in this fandom together.

      I do get to be light more often in the last six months than in the previous many years — but I’m on the whole a fairly serious person. My humor tends toward the absurd rather than the giggly.


  5. Wow… yeah… not cool!


  6. Yeah, it’s kind of opposed to the entire CyberSmile message — offering someone help sarcastically?


  7. I find it physically hard to read that 😑 It made me recoil physically. I read this a day ago and literally don’t know what to say… I still don’t… other than it really has nothing to do with you S and all to do with them. I can’t pretend to understand the kind of logic, thinking or even feeling that would make somebody not only think something like that but actually write it. I don’t know how somebody is wired to want to achieve something this way. We all have at one point or another hurt others accidentally but this is intentional. It makes me really sad and makes one wonder how can somebody take pleasure in hurting others? 😕


    • I imagine it’s not so much taking pleasure in hurting others as anger that can’t be expressed within the normal channels, either because it breaks discursive rules, or because it would endanger the persona the author has put up for herself around another pseudonym. So it has to be anonymous and when you’re anonymous we can say anything, give into our most base urges.


  8. Awww….what a sweetheart ! 😉


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