Open thread: Richard Armitage on forgiveness and intention

Just sticking this here, while I read it.


~ by Servetus on June 17, 2016.

18 Responses to “Open thread: Richard Armitage on forgiveness and intention”

  1. Aw… That face ❤️😍💋

  2. Innocuous?

    • I guess will follow him on twitter again (I know, he will be so relieved I’m back)

    • Super innocuous.

      • I have more to say but I will spare everyone today. I will go meditate now to clear my mind and then continue reading my copy of “What the Buddha Taught” (which I am actually reading right now by the way which for some reason struck me as funny).

  3. Great picture and I hate to say this but cybersmile was being kind when it described his words as “incredible”. I found it a bit rambling. I hope it is just me.

    • He wrote a lovely piece. Not helpful regarding bullying maybe and empathy for all doesn’t really solve world issues but it is lovely sentiment none the less I suppose. I enjoyed reading what he wrote though.

      • I guess I was expecting a little more. Glad you enjoyed it.

        • I think he probably crossed out a lot of stuff for the final edit in order not to offend and cause any sort of controversy. Which is what his message seems to be? Don’t offend, don’t cause any controversy? Actually I’m not really sure of what his message is rather than be empathetic to others. Which of course is a good message. But…..

          • That was the feeling I got too. As if he stopped himself from writing a lot of stuff. The “people pleaser” in him won out this time

            • Yeah. I think this is precisely the problem at the moment. Positivity gets draped over a lot of things that are not very positive. But at least the sentences are mostly in correct order and the flow of the piece makes sense.

    • It was way better than the last ones, though.

  4. There is one other thing that’s kind of bugging me, but I think I’m going to reflect on it further before I say anything.

  5. May I say, on a completely superficial note, he looks about ten years younger? What is he doing? He has lost the rounder, more bloated face of an almost 45 year old, and has the thinner, more angular features of Gisborne, Portah’, or Lucas. Presumably he will have to play a much younger man in part of both projects, and true to form, he is transforming into those
    men. I wonder if he’s even cut way back on the Pinot to lose the bloat? Men in their 40’s can’t drink the way they did in their 20’s and 30’s. He doesn’t even seem to have that redness around his eyes, unless it’s been removed.

    • I think he’s as thin as I’ve seen him, and that this photo is filtered to erase all the signs of age.

      Go ahead and be superficial!

  6. I have come to the conclusion if Richard’s career takes another turn away from acting he will still be famous and kept in the public eye because of his writing being critiqued. This is becoming quite interesting, everywhere. All his life’s a circle.:)

    • LOL, except that if he didn’t have fans I doubt anyone would critique his writing 🙂 I certainly wouldn’t, or at least not for free.

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