Richard Armitage for Cybersmile: Way better written

Provisional reaction to this— much more coherently written, attempts less, but says something distinct and comprehensible. There’s at least one thing I disagree with here, and as always, it’s smarm-suspicious, but at least this isn’t setting off every single free speech trigger on the planet.

~ by Servetus on June 17, 2016.

18 Responses to “Richard Armitage for Cybersmile: Way better written”

  1. Love the picture of Mr. Richard Armitage,and i like the CyberSmile article/letter very nice and sincere. Also i was reading the newspaper where i live at and i was reading the horoscopes and i read Mr. Richard Armitage’s sign and i thought this would be perfect for him to follow especially when he gets these haters from twitter and other places, and you just know that some one is going to bitch and moan about his CyberSmile article/letter.( this is his horoscope) “Don’t participate in an emotionally fraught argument. Do your own thing and let go of situations that upset you. If you alter your life to fit your needs, you will find happiness.”


    • This is a warning. This is fan policing. It is prohibited by the comments policy. It’s fine to engage with the views of fans with whom you disagree critically, but do not say that they should not have them.


      • Love the picture. I agree his message was much clearer and better written than the last one. A question: If someone is bitching and moaning about his article, aren’t we (fans) supposed to have empathy for those people? No hating the haters? Just asking.


  2. oops


  3. I personally didn’t get much out of this. But hey, picture!


    • yeah, Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason it’s not. But it is more coherent than before. The paragraphs make sense, the sentence arrange their clauses correctly. He makes a cogent point. He would get a B in freshman comp, probably.

      And yeah. Picture. Aaaaah.


      • I think my empathy reserves are particularly low considering recent events.


        • Yeah, and this the philosophical issue that is problematic in equating what an actor does to what everyday people should do. If you’re playing Omar Mateen in a movie, you should do what Armitage suggests. If not, I would suggest you figure out what motivated him and see if it’s preventable. But I’ve got no empathy for gaybaiters, whether or not it comes from self-hate.


        • To be fair, I’m guessing he didn’t write this since Saturday. It was probably composed before that.


  4. Servetus, I am so sorry for my comment. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. I am also sorry to anybody else that is offended by my comment. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. Sorry if I caused any problems. I was typing that comment and when I got done, I had a friend read it for me to see if it was okay and they thought it was okay, so I hit the send key. but later I kepted thinking if I did the right thing by sending the comment. I guess I wasn’t right and from the bottom of my heart I am so sorry to have hurt anybody with my comment. I never meant to hurt anybody. SORRY.


    • Apology accepted. Just keep in mind to engage with their opinion (“I disagree with fans who dislike Armitage’s letter because …” rather than personal attacks) and you are welcome here!


  5. I have always believed in speaking my mind freely, but not rudely and if someone disagrees with what I say that is fine and their opinion. I never fight in a public forum because I will not give anyone that power over me, however, if you insist on playing nasty take me one on one in a private place and i will decimate you so fast you won’t know what hit you. Truth is Truth- and when laid out in a proper format with someone it is your right to disagree and you should never be attack for your opinion . Opinions stated properly do not signify rudeness or personal attacks when sticking to a subject..—- Empathy for all ? for some people I don’t want to go into those dark places.


    • Yeah. I also think that one outcome of extending empathy to someone is that it potentially legitimates their words or behavior in their own eyes. There are certain groups of people to whom I simply will not communicate anything that might indicate acceptance to them: anti-Semites, for instance. It’s another word that people throw around, of course, but real anti-Semites get no quarter from me.


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