What other shows is Richard Armitage seeing?


This is the show, if he was there and this isn’t a random question. The Guardian and Time Out London didn’t like it.

~ by Servetus on June 18, 2016.

13 Responses to “What other shows is Richard Armitage seeing?”

  1. Ben Miles is in this? He seems to have a lot in common with RA regarding plays he has been in (& plays and writers RA has expressed interest in). He also plays bass, drums and guitar apparently. Sorry, all random info probably having nothing to do with anything.


  2. Ben Miles was in the 2012 production of Love, Love, Love. Did RA go backstage for a chat afterwards?


  3. Hm interesting one.. if he was there can we assume that because he didn’t tweet about it enthusiastically after the show his views are more conflicted? Maybe.. or maybe not but he does tend to acknowledge colleagues work he sees…


    • Offhand, I can’t remember another time except w/the recent Ahna O’Reilly tweet, that he’s communicated that he’s been in the theater. If he has, it’s been a very close colleague he referred to. It’s practically always someone else who tells us they saw him. I think he tweeted about “Wild” because he wanted to hint about “Love, Love, Love.” But that is a hypothesis, of course.

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      • True and I can’t see him expressing mixed opinions about something he saw… loyalty to colleagues in the profession and all that


        • He has tweeted enthusiastically about his visit to “Blancs” NT shortly after he’s left Berlin. But then again this has been a Farber play….


          • Right. Forgot about that one. I think that also falls in the category of promotion of work of colleagues. I just can’t remember a time when he’s ever tweeted “I was in the theater” and it wasn’t somehow related to an actual professional connection.

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