Neat picture and he has the talisman around his neck again

Mike Bartlett (Writer) and Richard Armitage | Wild Press Night Photo: ยฉ Alice Boagey 2016 โ€“ Source.

Mike Bartlett (Writer) and Richard Armitage | Wild Press Night
Photo: ยฉ Alice Boagey 2016 โ€“ Source.

~ by Servetus on June 21, 2016.

64 Responses to “Neat picture and he has the talisman around his neck again”

  1. Hmm. Is it my imagination or he looking really thin?

    • Did you see the picture from last week? He looked really thin, then as well (not the selfie for CS but the earlier one).

  2. He looks pinched, gaunt even. I like my Armitage on the robust side. Though I heartily applaud the return of the beard. I thought last weeks picture was just the angle, but no.

  3. He looks rather “tiny” compared to Mr. Bartlett, which really doesn’t happen very often as I recall…..

  4. He’s thin. Wonder how that works with the movie. But final no filters on this picture and he looks like himself. BTW have you seen T Stephens’ Twitter? He dropped out of Midlife Crises.

    • yeah, it was all over Armitageworld this morning. I don’t want to say anything because I’m eager to avoid the wide mood swings that occur in this fandom anytime there’s a potential change in plan.

    • Oops, typing on my phone is not a good idea. Meant to say that in this pic at least no filters etc….

      Hmm, I was wondering how the delay might affect the theatre speculations.

  5. Perhaps it’s his good luck charm. Actors are really, really superstitious.
    As for “thin”, hasn’t he just reverted to his pre-Porter/pre-Thorin figure? The buff was a result of targeted protein intake as far as I recall. I rather like tall and slender.

    • Talisman and good luck charm are synonyms. He’s been wearing different ones over the years. There was that gold medallion, and then in the Thorin days the NZ charm, and then a Catholic saints’ medal during The Crucible (St Anthony? I’ve forgotten which one but it’s blogged here somewhere).

      I think this is Lucas series 7 weight here, which was thinner than usual for him — he said at the last time he’d lost a stone to do that. Guy was significantly more robust. The beard adds weight, too.

    • if word etymologies interest you, look up talisman — that is one really interesting chaing!

      • ๐Ÿ˜‰ I assumed the same connotations apply in English. In Danish we only use ‘talisman’ to relate to something mysterious, occult, religious even. However, I see in English it can also be used for good luck and fortune.
        Wasn’t it St Christopher?

        • St. Christopher it may be – isn’t he the patron saint for bachelors and people who travel a lot?

          • It’s St Anthony, I’m fairly sure. Someone asked him a tthe stage door in 2014. But I will dig through the comments to verify.

          • Sorry, you were right, it’s St Christopher:

            • tbh I didn’t know – it was a lucky guess on my part that made sense in terms of meaning. It also seems to be one of the favourite charms at souvenir shops of London’s cathedrals ๐Ÿ˜‰

              • It’s an older generation piety and one that remains popular in a lot of places, although the papacy sort of “demoted” him during Vatican II (he’s still a saint but his feast day was moved because he was a traditional as opposed to a historical figure).

                • I like the idea of RA being looked after when he travels.

                • As a Catholic I find it very interesting that he would wear St. Christopher. For some reason I thought he would be far more spiritual than religious. I think he said something to that effect in an interview some years ago. I don’t think it’s unusual for people to “fall back on” what they were raised with.
                  I have a related question for you, Servetus. I have always felt that he looks more Irish than English, not the very pale, but more Black Irish (think Paul McCartney or Princess Kate). It seems even more possible considering he and his parents are from the north. Have you ever come across any mention of that?

                  • He has said he’s not religious, and I somewhat doubt that he was raised Catholic. My guess was always C of E (lapsed), although Leeds also has a stronger connection to Methodism than to the Roman Catholic Church. Given when he started wearing the medal, I’m guessing it’s something he picked up or received in NYC, where a panoply of pieties meet. Christopher is Aggayu in santerรญa, for example. Hard to say what it means to him without knowing more.

                    Emphasizing that I am not a professional anthropologist: I guess when I think of “Black Irish,” I think of someone who looks more like Aidan Turner — dark hair and dark eyes. Medium brown hair like Armitage’s is really common in Britain (I’m seeing anthropological statistics through Google that say 50% of Brits fall in this category), as are light eyes (45% according to some accounts). My understanding is that the eyes are supposed to come from Anglo Saxon and Danish settlement — and to me that looks an awful lot like a Danish nose. His brother’s hair appears to be a sort of sandy blonde.

                    I suppose North is as North does. He’s made a lot out of “being Northern,” and his father’s from Leeds but his mother’s originally from Oxfordshire and Leicester is East Midlands. I ran across a reference to a ancestor of his being married in the parish church in Salisbury (Wiltshire), which is not North, either: although as far as I know, no fan has published any genealogy for him.

                    So all I have is data, no conclusions ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • If RA would let his own hair colour come out, he would look very Danish, I agree. He would fall right in here.
                      I’ve got to disagree on the nose, though. More…I don’t know…French, perhaps?
                      I read somewhere that as much as 78% if all Britons have Viking ancestry. I’m not sure of this figure though, because the Anglo-Saxon and Norman influences are also strong. I realize, of course, that the Normans originally come from Scandinavia (although it didn’t exist then as a region). A fact which could impact the above percentage.

                    • yeah, I was gonna say, those Normans were from Scandinavia, too, influencing our picture of what “French” looks like.

                    • Thank you so much for such a complete and thoughtful answer. I would think he was likely raised C of E. BTW, yes, Aidan is classic Black Irish. I have family members with those looks as well, although I don’t have them myself. I can’t think of any of my relatives that have the very pale skin, light eyelashes…most of us are middle of the road, brown hair but light eyes.

    • I agree. He is naturally a tall slim man and yes – I think he’s just returned to that after having to bulk up for Porter and Dolarhyde.

      • I just can’t subscribe to that. If you look at pics of him for Cold Feet, Ultimate Force, Staged, The Impressionists, etc., he is not especially slim. He’s not fat, either, but in those photos, he’s nowhere near as slim as he is now. He has a sturdy build particularly around his core, and he has plenty of roundness under his chin and in his cheeks. There’s definitely a bulkier Armitage (for Guy, Porter, Thorin) and a thinner Armitage (Lucas series 7, and how thin he became at the end of the Crucible run) and he is toward the slender end of the thin Armitage at this point.

  6. I prefer the weightier version of Armitage. He seems to have morphed from beefcake to veggie patty, or tofu. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. i agree about him being to thin, maybe it is for this movie role he is doing. my favorite body of his was in the movie Into The Storm, that was his perfect body.

  8. He’s quite slim – maybe this is his natural build when he’s not having to beef up for a role – but he looks well and happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So hard to say. I never thought he looked especially slim in any of the Crucible pictures, or on stage, but then when I saw him in person, out of costume, at the stage door, I thought, boy, he looks like a gazelle.

  9. He needs some new clothes too. I’ve seen this particular ensemble in quite a few photographs

  10. I can give you lessons ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I thought he was quite chubby in ‘Staged’ perhaps a reaction to the musical theatre years where everyone is super slim.

    • He perhaps has a strong propensity to show weight gain / loss in his face.

      • Or perhaps we fans have a strong propensity to notice weight gain/loss in his face, and anywhere else. ๐Ÿ™‚ For instance, I thought his t shirt in the photo looked alarmingly loose.

        • Also, the camera always adds weight. He is always gong to be thinner in person.

          • I have heard that. But then why do cameras that take pictures of me never add pounds. No one has ever said to me, “Oh, you look so much thinner in person.” I am still waiting for that to happen. It would make my decade. ๐Ÿ™‚

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