Richard Armitage retweets re: Brexit (the actor, not the politician)

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~ by Servetus on June 22, 2016.

4 Responses to “Richard Armitage retweets re: Brexit (the actor, not the politician)”

  1. It seems a no-brainer but still going down to the wire. Pretty astounding when you think about it. I assume he will vote tomorrow.


    • Well if he is eligible and didn’t then he looks rather silly, I suppose. But he certainly seem to care.


      • I value it a lot that he has spoken about it and is open about his opinion. Not everyone has so this is v close to my heart. Feel anxious… london is not the country as I’ve seen these last few days… really really hope to wake up in Europe on Friday…


        • It was certainly his right to do so and I’m always glad when he shows the courage to speak, period. I tend mainly to be frustrated with the method of expression.

          I have a definite opinion on what I would like to happen, but I’ll leave it up to the voters of the UK. Fingers crossed!

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