More from Richard Armitage on Brexit / Bremain


~ by Servetus on June 23, 2016.

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  1. Wonder whether he’s hitting refresh along with the rest of us! /elections junkie.

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  2. Nail biting, for sure.
    I hope I’m not the only crazy person up at 2am. I’m going to be a zombie at work later today, but the adrenaline is racing at the moment. The effect on the pound is not pleasant!


    P.S. Long-time lurker here. I pop in once in a while to read, and wondered what you’d thought of Richard’s tweet on the referendum.


    • I totally don’t know — weird huh? Don’t even have a guess.


    • I think this is definitely going to affect UK GDP this year!

      Thanks for the comment and welcome. I have been kind of cagey about how I felt about this, but in essence, I agree with him in that I think the UK should stay in the EU (with reforms), but I doubt his plea really moved anyone.


      • Thanks! I agree with what you said (remain with reforms).
        If it goes the way it’s looking at the moment (and I desperately hope not, because it’s still early days), I think that GDP will be affected for a while!
        I’m watching the results live on the BBC. They’re announcing the results as they’re called and “Leave” seem to be pulling ahead for now. Still a small gap, considering the total number, but it’s worrying. I’ve got butterflies, for sure.


        • Pound has dropped 5 cents against the dollar since the Nikkei opened. I don’t even want to think what will happen if UK really votes “leave.” I know it’s only an advisory vote, and maybe someone can pull the chestnuts out of the fire, but I’ve been amazed that people have been saying that the “Remain” position is fearmongering. (I feel like I can say that now, since the voting is done. I was trying to stay officially neutral). IMO everything those people mentioned was quite real.


          • Unfortunately, the campaigning wasn’t very pretty overall.
            Having said that, I didn’t consider anything the Remain camp said as fear-mongering. The “Project fear” refrain was probably the only way the “Leave” guys could convince people not to pay attention.
            I’ll put up my hand and say that I’m not the most economically-savvy person, but you would think that this would be a no-brainer.
            I don’t know if you had a chance to watch any of the debates from the other side of the pond, but Sheila Hancock (the subject of Richard’s first tweet) was incredibly eloquent and made such a wonderful argument for the EU.
            I know that the referendum isn’t legally-binding, but can you imagine the political fall-out if the result isn’t upheld?

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            • Right now Remain is ahead, but not by much. This is horrible.

              I did watch that one and I agree — it was a wonderful argument.

              re: not upholding the result — yeah, it would be a catastrophe, although one wonders what a smart politician is to do when the democratic vote is for such a horrible idea. This is why we don’t hold referenda on whether to go to war — cool heads really need to prevail. I assume this is a bit like the Trump vote in the US — an index of anger.


              • If only more arguments like hers had bern made much earlier in the campaign we might not be on quite such a risky& sh…ty situation now…


              • Certainly an index of anger and frustration. It’s easy to stoke resentment when people are unhappy with their circumstances.

                The lead has swung towards remain, but it’s so close, and the gap is closing! I’m going to be a wreck by the time this is done.


                • yeah, is saying right now they are exactly even. I need to make some tea.


                  • It’s like a pendulum! Leave is back in the lead.

                    I hardly drink (don’t hold alcohol very well), but wouldn’t mind a cup of tea with a good dollop of whisky in it…haha.
                    Heck, forget the tea. The whisky will do very well at this point.


                    • Maybe the country can split in half, like the partition of India back in the day. The Remainers can move to London and the Exiters can move North, and then the south half can stay in the EU. Not that the Partition is really all that inspiring an example of political division, really.


                    • The Guardian has them a lot closer than the BBC, I just saw.


                    • This is looking bad. Thinking of you. It was good to get to know you a little 🙂


                  • ….It’s all going to pot! The leave side have enough of a lead, and they’ve maintained it for a little while. I don’t think it’s going to swing back. I really don’t know what to say. It’s such an incredibly sad thing, if it pans out. I can’t stand the thought that this might affect the future of the EU. It’s meant to be about promoting peace and cooperation! It’s probably also going to tip us into a recession, isn’t it?

                    I’m still awake (in case you can’t tell 🙂 ) .My other half woke up and sat with me for a bit, both of us in disbelief. I’m in Academia, so can imagine the discussions I’ll be having with my colleagues tomorrow.

                    It was good to interact with you, too. I might pop out of lurking once in a while to say hello.
                    In any case, you have my email address, I believe. If you are ever inclined to head to this side of the pond, please do drop me a line.


    • Oh, and I should say, in case this is in doubt, that I’m glad when he speaks his opinions out loud.

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  3. FTSE 100 now predicted to open down FIVE percent. It’s like 2008 all over again.


  4. yeah, the BBC geek just said he thinks Leave has the edge. Sigh. if US universities were in term right now, they’d be down tomorrow while everyone paused to discuss this. All I can say is hang in there!

    I think a recession is extremely likely — although the Brexit people would say it’s not happening because of that. In any case, this will be the precipitating cause.

    Free free to delurk any time and if I come to England I’ll be in touch.

    I hope you both can get at least a little sleep.


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