Wish we could have heard Richard Armitage’s acceptance speech


~ by Servetus on June 23, 2016.

5 Responses to “Wish we could have heard Richard Armitage’s acceptance speech”

  1. Maybe someone will find a clip of it somewhere. Great news, I am happy for him. Hope his luck carries over to the Emmys.

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  2. I’m sure there’s tape of it somewhere. But last year it wasn’t streamed. Actually, Armitage probably has a copy of it 🙂

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  3. Not sure if this is posted already, but the still from the video and his Cybersmile photo look like they were done at the same. I’m looking at the odd hair out of place at his part. You can see how the still looks more natural compared to the over processed cybersmile pic. https://www.cybersmile.org/blog/forgiveness-and-intention https://twitter.com/SaturnAwards1/status/745843156323807233


  4. Just thought I read some where that Hannibal was totally ignored in the Emmys. From the same person who wrote before about them previously getting ignored.


    • It’s not surprising — almost no one saw it. The viewer numbers toward the middle of the third season suggest people were watching anything BUT Hannibal. Armitage helped them a little but not much.


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