Interesting overlap, in light of the subject matter of Love Love Love, if Richard Armitage is doing it

I really have to stop talking politics. But what a concrete demonstration of one of Bartlett’s main themes. I was seeing even starker differences polled yesterday, with up to 75 percent of the youngest category projected to vote Remain. 13524538_10153756313887194_7657598148630904962_n

~ by Servetus on June 24, 2016.

5 Responses to “Interesting overlap, in light of the subject matter of Love Love Love, if Richard Armitage is doing it”

  1. This numbers most likely indicate future clashes between the generations. Definitely not a good thing for a prospective peaceful coexistence.


  2. They did it was around 75 for the youngest. It’s creepy to think the elderly took the future of generations back to the past. Also it was clear those who had least ditect experience of diversity, impact of Eu movement and so on were most afraid of it/the unknown. The unbalance and relentless economic scare did the rest. Because no positives were put forward until the end when it was too late people must have been left with the impression IN was beating a dead horse as they seemed to have no other argument than it would be bad economically if leave. The assumption that reason would prevail or people would conclude economic risk was real was clearly over optimistic. People want to be inspired , want to support something they see as positive. We failed to tell them about the positives… #epicmistake We’re in this shit because of BOTH sides 🙁 phew Sorry.. London today was just depressed and frustrsted. Many adults crying because of the world they woke up in. We needed to fight much harder 🙁


  3. What a great infographic, expounding the ramifications. Living with our choices…the grass always seems greener. … Seems this is how the whole world reacts today. Sometimes I hurt when thinking of how we often cause our own tragedies. If only we could own our actions and not blame others for them.


  4. Add to this that I’ve read twice now that only 40 percent of 18-24s voted at all.


  5. […] Interesting article about how the Brexit vote generation gap might be affecting family relationships. Pursuant to my earlier comment on this topic. […]


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