Leave wins. Hard to say what happens now. I’m so sorry, Richard Armitage

and I hope you are not being paid in pounds for this job. I’m seeing prices as low as $1.35 for a pound.

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 10.40.53 PM

~ by Servetus on June 24, 2016.

44 Responses to “Leave wins. Hard to say what happens now. I’m so sorry, Richard Armitage”

  1. Wow, I’m surprised. I didn’t think it would happen.

  2. Yikes! This is madness. Whatever next? Trump becomes president of the US?

  3. I’m so, so sad right now. What news to wake up to😭

  4. So to cheer myself up I watched Lip Sync Battle – and I would love to see Richard on the show. He would absolutely nail it. Especially the faux trash talk segment.

    The I went back to wondering what is the uk going to look like tomorrow. Which faction of brexit is going to claim victory – the delusional lefties, euro sceptics, the anti-immigration knuckle draggers? How are these people going to make it work?

    I’m sure Richard will be fine though I bet anybody who has a play opening in a few weeks may be bricking it if the markets don’t bounce and people feel a prolonged pinch in the wallet. At least Richard has New York to escape to.

    • I feel bad for the fans who were planning to come over from England — their money lost 10% of its value overnight. Hope the UK government can pull it back together.

      • What is the reason for optimism though? Not that markets have ever been rational.

        Yes, the fans will suffer though if they voted brexit the devaluation of currency is on their shoulders (not that many of his fans would, I suspect).

        I wonder whether we will see Rich in England much in the future. Maybe agents will insist all pay is to be done in American dollars going forward.

        • Well, it’s an advisory vote. They don’t have to implement Article 50 this morning, although David Cameron better be in front of the camera before the European markets open or he can forget his economy for the next three years. He’ll be gone by then anyway.

          And no, I’m not optimistic. I’m sort of famous among my RL friends for predicting disasters well ahead of when they happen.

          • But again that’s putting faith in a man who got bullied into holding a referendum to satisfy his country’s version of a Tea Party. He’s been astoundingly wrong thoughout it all. I have no faith he’s going to be a unifier, or what he could say to satisfy Euopean leaders. I think he better come with his head on a platter.

            I’ve seen a two year withdrawal period estimated – good luck Brits.

            Most of all I feel sad for people like Jo Cox. To lose her life over something that most people voted for without a thought to long term consequences. Hope she’s not forgotten or reduced to a footnote.

            Hope you got good vibes about your own election. To see both britain and the Americans fall to right wing lunacy would be unbearable.

            • Legally, once they invoke Article 50, they have two years to negotiate a withdrawal. I have no doubt it will take that long.

              I don’t see how anything I said can be interpreted to believe I have faith in David Cameron.

              • Not you personally. In fact, he’s a dead man walking. Even if he went in front of the cameras, nothing he can say will help the situation.

                Some have optimistically thought it’s a non-binding vote so he can ignore it. I don’t think he has the balls to do that.

                Britain has screwed itself – not just with being out of the EU but also facing internal referendums. As a union, they’ve slid into irrelevancy. I’m more interested in what European leaders will do to prevent other countries from following Britain’s path.

                • What a destructive force this man has been to the UK! On whether or not to invoke, if I were advising parliamentarians I would propose taking a serious look at not invoking. Start polling right now – to pick up the extent of the “buyer’s remorse” that is surfacing. Consider and seek expert advice on what it means economically – the picture won’t be a pretty one. Look at the vote split – with the older population voting to leave and the younger generation fully behind staying. I think an argument could be made that the youth vote should carry more weight given that young people will shoulder the burden of this more than older Brits. Finally, consider the effects on the UK itself. How united will it be if Scotland and Northern Ireland leave? What further economic fall out will there be?

                  I think if you roll all that up, there is a very strong argument to be made for Parliament to use its authority to overturn this result. Problem is, that will take a superhuman amount of political will and courage. It will also likely require parties to put aside their differences and work together. I fear cows will fly before that ever happens.

                  God, nationalism is horrible. No good can come of it and here’s the proof.

                  I was having serious flashbacks to the Quebec referendum in 1995. I was terrified I was going to lose my country. It didn’t happen but by the slimmest of margins. Thinking about it again, I can’t believe how close we came to throwing it all away. I sincerely hope it never, ever happens again.

                  Sorry for the long post. I am pretty emotional about this.

                  • I just don’t see this happening. My RL friends are all busy arguing about whether it’s possible, but if Parliament doesn’t uphold the will of the voters they will have possibly delegitimated themselves beyond repair — even if it’s now clear from anecdotal interviews that a lot of Leave voters had no idea what they were voting for. Also, the UK will now be under pressure from the EU to get out as quickly as possible, if Martin Schulz’s remarks are any indication.

                  • Yes, I remember the Quebec Referendum though I was young at that time. Luckily the right side won. I still remember the elation when the final vote was announced which was probably past midnight for those of us on the West Coast. We know the right side won given the decimation of the sovereigntist parties after. But imagine if they won, where would Canada be?

                    I don’t know about upholding the election because it legitimizes a referendum that should not have been called in the first place and that was supported by downright lies. But practically there is no other choice because the EU is not going to let Britain wag their tail – and why should they? You wanted out, get out. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

                    There is also this weird sense of nostalgia among the Brexit people. They know that shit times are coming but they’re all looking back to the rebuilding effort after World War II and saying if we did it then, we could do it again. Um, no. Our modern society is no way strong enough, or homogenous enough to undertake such massive projects in a spirit of togetherness.

                    There were lots of idiots voting for Brexit but the lefties come out looking the dumbest – “what do you mean there is no extra $350 million for the NHS?” He didn’t even wait a day to withdraw that “promise!”

                    *I’m a lefty by nature and voting record

                • well, I didn’t watch him, but apparently they weren’t totally caught out — they did at least act to prevent a liquidity crisis. 250bn pounds. It could have been a lot worse. Though it’s bad enough.

      • Little better for me when planning my trip. I think the last time I was there the conversion was around $1 – 1.60. More money to spend there from my end.

    • I love Lip Sync Battle and would love to see RA on it too.

  5. No, he can’t ignore it. And I expect he will gone by fall. But he should indicate shortly that he has a plan for this exit. Otherwise chaos really could ensue. They’ve just announced the talk and the Chancellor of the Exchequer will speak immediately afterwards, I think.

    I think “irrelevancy” is overstated. London is a world financial center. That’s not going to change overnight, even if the economy slides into recession now.

    • Maybe but I also don’t see many businesses running to the uk in the next two years. If Scotland goes as predicted it’s England, Wales and maybe a split Ireland – there’s no financial security there. I think London was a centre because it was in a stable country. I don’t think anybody thought Britons would be willing to gamble that away so cheaply.

      • The City as a financial institution well predates the EU, so I think it’s not so much the stable country as much as it is the number of assets that are located and administered there. The problem now will be people short selling the pound on purpose.

        • Have you heard that Stanley Morgan announced this morning to move 2,000 jobs from London to Frankfurt and Dublin before the negotiations even properly started?

          • Yeah. They were threatening that before, though, I believe. I thought I read that in the Guardian live updates yesterday?

  6. Bollocks! I am in shock here. We all knew it was tight. And still. I am sad for Britain – and extremely worried for Europe. Whether the Pound goes down or not, I don’t care. I grieve for the idea of a united Europe, that was built from the experience of two world wars and successfully restored and bolstered peace for 70 years.

    • I think I said something about that one of the last times we talked about this, i.e., the fact of a German / French / British cooperation is a minor miracle given what happened in the twentieth century, but my concrete fear is that equity markets will go to hell and start a worldwide recession. My middle term fear is that billions of dollars of retirement assets gets destroyed today. Possibly include mine. So yeah, I do care about the pound. And I guess my third fear has to do with what Putin will harvest from this.

  7. Totally shocked and saddened. I can’t believe we voted this way. A sad day

  8. I second Evie. I can hardly believe there are so many idiots in my country. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  9. Shocked and I do care about the £ as I live in London. Now Cameron resigned as suspected and Northern Ireland and Scotland (or some forces there) want their referendum to leave the UK. “Die Geister, die ich rief”
    This is bad on more levels than most people realise.

    • I was just thinking, if you’re my brother, you’re hoping to get your hay baled before it rains this afrernoon ….

  10. …also dividing a country by almost 50/50 in this campaign is nothing to be proud of…

    • This is really true — although it seems like an inevitable risk of a referendum, which is why they are such a bad idea on a national level.

      • Indeed. An I had a couple of people telling me yesterday morning they voted leave, “because leave won’t happen anyway” and their vote won’t have much of an impact. Foolish to put it mildly. 43 years flushed down the drain. And with the age issue in the votes, this will not help healing…

        • *And I had people…

        • This is above all mystifying to me. I’ve now seen five clips of voters saying they regret their vote and although they voted Leave they didn’t want the UK to leave the EU. I will never understand that.

          • It seriously p*** me off. Also, areas that got multi-million euros in support voted leave. Well, as a European (EU-Eropean believer, yes, EU despite it faults – because those can be sorted if politicians and civil servants would just do a better job after we voted accordingly) from the bottom of my heart this feels like an insult and you do question more right now.

          • BBC shows now interviews that show that this was a protest vote, they wanted to get rid off Cameron. and believed the lies around NHS (Farage already retracting) and immigrants

            • I saw the Cornwall council statement just now and I was like “what? You gave up a bird in the hand for two in the very remote bush?” and re: NHS — I can’t believe people didn’t see through that. Tories have been an austerity party since Thatcher at least.

  11. I’m in shock.

  12. This is so wrong! The world is going/gone mad!

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