~ by Servetus on June 24, 2016.

7 Responses to “OUCH.”

  1. Northern Ireland too


  2. Honestly, not even “my country”. However, I’m absolutely gutted today; devastated; it feels like I’m hung over, and I haven’t touched a drop.

    I’m afraid this may be the end of the Union, and it’s certainly the end of the United Kingdom and Great Britain.


    • I wouldn’t go that far – Brussels will now move and help people of the remaining 27 countries to understand about it’s benefits. That is the hope.
      But yes, living in London and having friends across UK and EU, I’m gutted.


    • It might be too early to assess what will happen to the EU but I am worried about Scotland.


      • and Northern Ireland


      • I, too, worry about Scotland (not to mention the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland). Even though I no longer live there it is the land of my birth and I spent almost half my life there. I was thankful when the vote to separate was defeated back in 2014 but to do so now would be even more disastrous IMHO. I dread to see what a further fragmentation would do to an already divided country on so many levels and what repercussions might follow.


  3. Listening to news/watching tv the whole day – feeling numb (though, as mermaid said, it’s not my country). Hope Scotland vote yes to independency! And, then, there’s Ireland….


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