Richard Armitage tweets in response to last night’s results

G-d. Le Pen. The French nightmare.

I need to make myself stop talking about politics here again.

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~ by Servetus on June 24, 2016.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage tweets in response to last night’s results”

  1. I thought the reference to applause from Le Pen was metaphorical, but it’s real? Wow.
    Nationalism is on a roll everywhere. Can’t personally think that’s generally a good thing.


  2. B von Storch – part of Germany’s nightmare did as Le Pen. Total second his statement.

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  3. Honestly, if I were one of the people who steer capitalism in the world, I’d be doing as much as possible to get rid of democracy at this point. It’s deteriorated so far in some places that it’s starting to be a world political threat.


    • Yeah, you’re right!! Some truly important topics are def NOT suitable for a simple referendum or Volksentscheid!!
      I’m actually in a state of severe shock!! Always felt a special closeness to Britain as my mother has been working there for some years shortly after the WW II (which wasn’t an easy thing to do for a German at that time). Just don’t know yet (ok, it’s early days) what that means to me and how to handle it at the moment. How about my yearly travels to the UK? It somehow really seems absurd to just go on like nothing has happend!


      • i can’t imagine they’d close the border (although there were some people dreaming that was going to happen this morning, apparently), and certainly not to Germans. you should still be able to visit — the question being whether you want to at this point.

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        • Oh no, I don’t fear that they don’t let me in. Honestly it’s more the question whether I want to go on like nothing has happend. Need to adjust my own stance (and my feelings (hahaha… those dire feelings!!) )


        • Reading some of those ProBrexit online comments, they associate Germans just with Merkel and that she sucks, ergo Germany can go an f** off. Not helpful. But such was the tone of recent political campaigns across countries. We need to change how we debate.

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          • It’s unfortunate (she does come off as sort of arrogant at times, at least in the US) because she’s one of the smartest people on the European political stage right now. We really need to talk about what is actually happening. But as the Financial Times editorial pointed out this morning, our political system is fact resistant (and this is not just the case in Britain).

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            • And it’s not democracy really that failed i think unless we count having a c…p political class as fail. Which i guess we might. But people standing by and not engaging in such crucial decision is not realising that democracy is about every single voice.


    • Of course there are two votes: those who are well-off, often in town, who live well the capitalism and the deprived people, often in rural areas, who are affected by the globalization.
      All over lot of countries, we can notice this disparity, which paves the way, lays at the root of extremists.
      But as a French person, I’d prefer democracy than military dictature: autocracy, oligarchy or monarchy as well (neither Charlemagne, Louis XIV, or Napoléon Bonaparte)
      Sorry for these bad news of fears and intolerance’s BACKGROUND.


  4. Shit does not even cover it…


  5. I’m with you on this: very sad, very worried for both UK people living here in Italy and Italians currently living in UK. Of course, I hope things will turn for the better, but their situation is potentially in danger, their rights are in danger. 😦 A sad and unsettling days for many of us inside and outside the UK.


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