What is Richard Armitage doing right now?

Obsessively watching election results on several screens? (what I’m doing)

Getting his beauty sleep?

~ by Servetus on June 24, 2016.

39 Responses to “What is Richard Armitage doing right now?”

  1. I hope sleeping which is what i should be doing before i give myself an ulcer 😣🙁 it’s been a long time since i watched politics unfolding with utter fear 😔

    • Right now BBC com has Remain ahead by about 70k votes …. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. This is just as bad as the American presidential primaries which have also scared the hell out of me at times.

      • Biting my nails. South needs to have a large vote for remain. Scotland has performed well for remain Yeh. I would think that Richard would be watching .

      • We can only hope Londoners turned out in v high numbers same for Scotland… o realise as we started that o never thought the worst was truly possible The atmosphere felt tense and not just because of utter transport chaos due to floods last night…

      • Pardon my grammar, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  2. Hopefully he’s got a good bottle of wine to numb the pain. I’m watching on a Liverpool football site and the people on there are terrified. It’s mystifying how places who get a huge amount of EU funding are voting to leave.

    And if remain pulls it off, I want a big “fuck yes”
    Tweet from him!

    • Seriously.

    • fwiw I see the same thing in the US all the time. The political mood in the net receiver states is to hate the federal government (Alabama, Mississippi).

      • Some people are saying could be harbinger for US election – never underestimate stupidity.

        What floors me about the brexit vote are the lefties voting to leave although the govt will be made up/influenced by Johnson, Gove and Farage. I don’t think I could ever just vote for a principle that exists only in my mind.

        • NE Leicester out

        • we’ve got this in the US, too, on the Left — people who think the apocalypse needs to happen first. Whatever. Not if I can help it. I think that is on the whole a really privileged position — people who will survive even if the whole world goes to hell don’t think about people who are hanging on by the fingernails as it is.

          • Not surprised was round the area a few days ago and it felt like a cold shower or 200 years back sobering and right now frightening

          • Preach. It’s why the whole idea of the Bernie Bros just skeeves me out. You can afford the protest vote because at the end of the day your inherent privilege will let you survive a trumpacacy.

            It’s NW Leicester. My mistake. I gotta hope the armitage’s parents are as lovely as their son. But yes, from what I see on the forum
            No one was expecting anything different. It’s like the divide between urban and rural ridings here – I remember the one year the GTA ( greater Toronto area) turned against the liberals and it was enough to keep the conservatives in power. See the same sort of dependence for the London areas in this vote. Hopefully they won’t be let down.

  3. I think that Mr. Richard Armitage is at his home , having his glass of wine or tea and is watching television or watching a movie, or maybe he is walking around his village/town enjoying the peacefulness of not being bothered by fans, agents, etc. and that he can just be himself and not a famous person.

    • well, it’s quarter to three in London, so I hope he’s inside. It was more whether he’d be able to sleep with the referendum returns coming in.

  4. Funny to watch these names stream by, though. Like St Albans voted remain. The main thing I associate with St Albans is that it was the location of one of the battles of the War of the Roses.

    • It’s London lol half me colleagues live there as more decent priced houses and good schools

    • Omg… it’s really happening 🙁… going back in time in the worst of ways…

      • yeah, this is not looking good.

        • Closing down as need to function tomorrow for visitor who came for all London has to offer.. the irony. I can’t recognise the country i learned to respect and love.
          Something to start dealing with after tomorrow Im glad i’m not at work i couldn’t take it such effort to survive only for this to come crashing in amd take it all down.

      • Looks like you invested your money (in the lawyer) correctly this time.

        • It’s really bad as papers are not in yet
          .. and i feel forced for own security to join something i can no longer recognise and which may very likely now spit me out.. 😞 i need a few days before i take even more personal anxiety

  5. Consensus on my forum is that it’s over: Birmingham votes out.

    • yeah, the serious numbers geek at bbc.com said the same thing about ten minutes ago, along the lines of “looks like leave has the edge.”

  6. We have had the election results on for the past several hours.

  7. I don’t know what Richard is doing but I’m so depressed I can’t bear to listen to the radio. So the inmates are now going to be running the asylum. Probably no longer pc to say that but honestly. Maybe if I go back to sleep and wake up again later this will all be a bad dream… 😳😰🙀😡

    • A 3.8% majority for leave will has severe consequences I’m afraid, as we could already see from this morning in the markets. Tony Blair made interesting comments on Sky News this morning. And the idea that people just wanted to kick establishment with this vote, well, words actually my how you could even consider this decision to be the right forum for such a “kick”? Nigel Farage is sickening too. And Trump congratulating?

      Sorry, I’m still in shock with most of the people I know.

      • *will have consequences even; and I meant to say words fail me…

      • Yeah, I can’t help but be nauseated by Nigel Farage. The whole “this is a victory for decency” theme reminds me strongly of 1933. I also think it’s bizarre that the people who suffer most from austerity vote for the outcome that is likely to give them even more of it. But this happens in the US, too, all the time.

  8. I know I went to bed at 1 am, just after the first results came in which were then still for remain… This morning we woke up at 7 and my husband checked the news on his phone and found out the result and I… I just couldn’t make myself get up. I stayed in bed a little longer but couldn’t sleep anymore, tossing and turning before finally getting up and facing the news myself. I am disappointed and scared. I wonder if Richard (and other remain people) feel this strongly as well… I seriously am crying over this result…

    • You and I together. Like many others too. Just saw Boris talk… unbelievable… 13% of UK legislation only influenced by EU directive, and it has always been a sovereign country. I honestly don’t understand those 17million people this morning

  9. Still shaking my head in disbelief 😦

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