Götz George is dead

2016 needs to quit it. Schimanski was my favorite detective and he was in my favorite episode of Tatort ever and I learned so much about Germany watching that show. It was his time. But nonetheless, I feel real grief. Condolences to his family (he died several days ago and has already been buried).


~ by Servetus on June 26, 2016.

18 Responses to “Götz George is dead”

  1. Next one in this year – can someone tell the Fortuna/Destiny/Or them who are responsible to stop. I still grieve about Peter Lustig


  2. Not a big fan myself but he was quiet an institution and with his death a era in German film and TV ended 😦


  3. Er war richtig gut, wirklich eine Institution und jemand, den ich in seinen Rollen immer als sehr echt erlebt habe. Ich habe ihm einfach geglaubt, was er darstellte. Traurig – ich habe Roger Willemsen noch nicht überwunden…


  4. Oh no! He was one of the best! Another shock to kick of the new week since the last ended with one 😦


    • He stayed out of the public eye, so no surprise they kept a lid on it. Totally agree with you – many ‘heroes’ gone this year 😦


  5. I was never into him myself but I’m still so very sorry! Was he ill? Yes, my condolences as well.


    • He had retired a few years ago and not been heard from, so I am not sure if anyone but family knew what was up with him.


  6. Oh that is really sad.. i can’t imagine German TV and film without him.. may he rest in peace.


  7. Abgesang. It’s from the Schimi-Cinema-Movie.


  8. I was familiar with Klaus Lage / 1000 und eine Nacht but not this, no 🙂


  9. I think I never really saw any of the Schimanski films, but I liked him as an actor in the films with him I saw. I hardly ever watch Tatort, just because I’m not into crime shows, but I can see what you mean when you say you learnt a lot about Germany watching them. Another sad loss 😦


    • I don’t even mean only in the sense of “Germans tend to like crime stories” (what happened to you? — just kidding) but just because the actors speak in local dialects, you see local landscapes and cityscapes, you see how people tend to behave in different parts of the country …

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  10. And he played in the “Winnetou” movies 🙂


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