Richard Armitage RTs Dawn French RTs His Dark Materials

Screen shot 2016-06-26 at 9.37.51 AMHere‘s the article referenced.

~ by Servetus on June 26, 2016.

9 Responses to “Richard Armitage RTs Dawn French RTs His Dark Materials”

  1. If there is any brightness coming out of this colossal mess, it is that Richard has found his voice, unrestricted by any other influence, and standing behind his beliefs, letting all.tweets and retweets live on in the universe.


    • yes. I haven’t said that because I’m hesitant to jinx it, but he’s regained a lot of the ground he lost with me in the last year or so and with all the deleted tweets in the last two days. I don’t by any means endorse all of what he’s tweeted but he hasn’t deleted any of it.


  2. Sorry, hope I didn’t. Right, never going to agree with every word of every article. I’m not sure he agrees with every word, as opposed to the spirit overall. I do align with his political views generally, pretty sure you do as well. I’m just glad that he’s found his OWN voice, and not letting anyone quiet it.


    • No, I didn’t understand you to be saying that. It’s just an issue that is commonly confused in some quarters — that if one criticizes what he says / tweets one is telling him not to speak — so I tend to beat on that drum.


      • Seen enough of that, but if opinions can’t be voiced, particularly yours, being your blog, then it’s up to those offended to leave. Richard is a grown man, I think he is more than capable of sticking I up for himself if he feels the need. Those who get up in arms over others opinions aren’t giving him the credit he deserves. I think he has a fully developed mind that might enjoy a little back and forth. I’m not talking about insulting people, or shutting them up. It might be refreshing if he knew (if he ever peeks), that his fans also have thinking minds, not just that they love him. How boring would that be? Someone who just tells you how wonderful you are, particularly in serious times? He’s quite cheeky, I think he would prefer women that weren’t afraid of a little good-hearted sparring. I don’t want to be his mother, he already has one. What I feel is in nooo way motherly.

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        • Thanks for saying that — something we used to say a lot about five years ago (“I do not feel motherly toward Richard Armitage”) and I am happy to be reminded of it.


          • He’s entitled to his voice, and I’m also thrilled that he’s found it.
            -And, no, no motherly feelings from me either-I’ve got two kids of my own😄


          • Good. Hopefully I haven’t started all the nonsense up again. Unfortunately, although I’ve been trying to track Richard since the first moments I saw Gisborne on BBC America in 2008, it didn’t occur to me that so were many others until recent years. Ya know, that interwebthingy lol is amazing!

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