More on Epix and marketing plans for Berlin Station #richardarmitage

Here. If I understood the article correctly, EPIX requested five seasons of scripts for this series. So if it gets decent exposure — and EPIX is already available to 15 million households — and Daniel Miller isn’t written out of the story, this could be a long-year commitment for Armitage.

~ by Servetus on June 27, 2016.

13 Responses to “More on Epix and marketing plans for Berlin Station #richardarmitage”

  1. Good for him in terms of job security. He’s always been more on the telly than the silver screen anyway, hasn’t he? Wonder if all will be filmed in Berlin.

    • Until the Hobbit. Although he’s made a lot of films since then, we haven’t seen most of them. Poor Armitage. I think he really wanted to be on stage, and was eager to do film, and did television because that was what he could get. But I think he’s enjoyed TV as well.

  2. This would be most excellent if he could do this series for 5 seasons! Win win! We would have him for sure for 5 years and he would have lots of free time to also pursue film and plays when not filming Berlin Station. I miss him. I need new stuff from him.

    • he’s never done more than 3 years of a single tv series, so I wonder how he feels — in the US it’s pretty customary to sign a seven year contract …

  3. Interesting. A while back I wondered about whether there might be additional seasons, with a different city name in front of the “Station”- which could go either way for Armitage if his character survived- it might follow him into different cities, or have a whole new direction/cast of characters each season.

  4. A type of ‘Bourne’ franchise for the telly. I hope so.

  5. I’m not able to open this article as there is a log-in prefixed. Can somebody help?? Thanks.

    • I downloaded it when I saw it, before the password — capped it. Read fast as someone might object.

  6. Too bad Comcast doesn’t offer Epix. Hulu does have Epix, and has some movies, and a little tv on it , but don’t know that they would get this anytime soon. Hopefully Amazon, or Showtime or HBO or something will get rights.

    • Something this article suggests is that at least in North America they are using this content to draw subscribers — which suggests that it won’t be available on other platforms at least initially. But I could be wrong. I was a bit surprised that 15 of 50 million households are subscribed already — that is actually not as bad as I thought. A lot of people might be able to see this.

  7. Yes, thanks for the link to the article. I’ll have to find out about subscribing directly. It would still seem that if they really want to grow, they would want to expand to Comcast as well.

    • I don’t know enough about the media conglomerates in the US to be able to speculate. Maybe they have some kind of exclusive deal with TWC to the benefit of both entities (e.g., EPIX gets something from TWC for providing exclusive content). Maybe they want to be on Comcast but Comcast doesn’t want them. There are fans who know a lot about the US entertainment media in this fandom but unfortunately I am not one of them 🙂

  8. Well, as long as I am not sure if or how promptly I will be able to watch this in Germany I hold my excitement under control….at least for now 🙂
    But I am glad that Mr. Armitage won’t be unoccupied in the next four of five years 😉

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