Richard Armitage reaches out to Berlin Station cast and crew in the EU


~ by Servetus on June 27, 2016.

18 Responses to “Richard Armitage reaches out to Berlin Station cast and crew in the EU”

  1. Ma, I love him. (Have you ever watched Moonstruck)

    But it’s been sobering to see at least have an entire country lose their identity. I can’t imagine living under that existential stress and I’m not directly effected! (But really since last Thursday, all I’ve done is think Brexit. First year Euros went on the back burner. Tbh there is nothing more compelling then what is going on there now.)

    Poor Rich, you will always be European to me.

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    • My guess is he’s not that big of a soccer fan. Although who knows. I think saying his family and brother were happy about Leicester City was a subtle clue 🙂


      • Not Richard! Me! First year that I don’t really care about football. The guardian has more live blogs on brexit thAn the games!


        • The Russian fans don’t have to beat up the English anymore — they’re doing it to themselves.


    • I think if I were in the EU right now I’d be totally caught up in it. here, no one really cares.


      • Most of us are caught up (I certainly am), especially expats in the UK. But at the end of the day we need to get on with things…


  2. Utterly sweet I’m loving him more and more i understand the feeling… but still London is that to me and the UK has been I’ve worked with such multinational and diverse teams and still do.. it’s fun and so enriching… sad to think this could change. Good thoughts R and im happy there may be S2… may we all look forward to ar least some good things in the future.


  3. he’s really at his best when he tweets like this. This feels real.


  4. What a heartfelt letter. He looks happy in this picture. And like he’s channeling Benedict, even if he isn’t exactly photobombing. 😉


    • that’ his typical big open mouth thing — he’s been doing that since he was in Cats. Definitely know it’s him!


  5. That’s a lovely, thoughtful message that not only expresses his appreciation of his colleagues, but also reaffirms his stand on Brexit. Very nice. I’m feeling something close to pride to be a fan of this nice man. And that says a lot because I usually view pride with suspicion. But he is expressing a belief that I can relate to – that the contribution of historical experiences is important in the wider context of Europe, and that it is a shame to ignore them.
    And I am thrilled that it looks as if Berlin Station could be a multi-year gig. If he enjoyed Berlin as much as he says, I hope for him to be able to go back and work with his team again.


    • I’m glad he got a sense of the complexity of history in Berlin (that’s my favorite thing about the city). He actually made me homesick for it.

      re: back in Berlin — we’ll have to start thinking about the Army’s role. I always say I am not his marketer or publicist, but we may need to carry out a N&S ninja personal marketing campaign for this one 🙂


      • I didn’t want to focus on that but yes, it very much appealed to me that he ascribes a particular importance to the experience of having existed as a divided city/country – with all the implications for a split Europe. You’d have to be particularly ignorant NOT to notice that in Berlin…


        • Honestly, if it wouldn’t ruin the city the way it has Florence, I’d make it a required stop on every trip to Europe. Someone who objected to what he said about refugees / walls the first time was telling me that he was just using the Berlin Wall thing to play for sympathy, and I was kinda like, dude, if you spend 48 hours in that city you will see the way history shoves itself in your face around every corner.


  6. Poor Brits..I do really feel sorry for them.


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