I wonder if there’ll be a #LoveLoveLove revival in the UK as well #richardarmitage

Interesting article about how the Brexit vote generation gap might be affecting family relationships. Pursuant to my earlier comment on this topic.

~ by Servetus on June 28, 2016.

2 Responses to “I wonder if there’ll be a #LoveLoveLove revival in the UK as well #richardarmitage”

  1. This is the thing that’s starting to really rip my heart out. The expressions of deep anger and disgust toward not just older people in general, but family members. The kind of thing that used to be reserved for – oh I don’t know, finding out about adultery, pedophilia, torturing puppies….both sides seem to be so broken, and feeling equally misunderstood. I had the idea that EU leadership might be thawing a bit about rushing Britain to the door, perhaps after feeling all the misery in the air. I hope someone can bring about something to clear the air and open the door to forgiveness, if not understanding, between the generations post-Brexit.


    • I don’t think the EU responds to that kind of political mood — I think the EU leadership’s view is that they need to minimize the damage to the EU, although they may have different views on how to accomplish that most effectively. They have a long history with the UK not being fully committed and that is coming to the fore right now. I think they agree they’d be better off with the UK in the EU, but if the UK is going to be out, they think it should be out. Nigel Farage didn’t help much today.

      re: generations — I think a lot will depend on how this shakes out. I don’t remember any fights like this with my parents over a candidate (although I purposely never discussed Obama with them), but several over universal health insurance. It’s so upsetting because you see people who you think of as very kind and good suddenly show a different side of themselves. For a child it defintely shakes your notion of identity.

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