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~ by Servetus on June 28, 2016.

13 Responses to “Tweets reposted”

  1. I do love this!!! (BTW He obviously seems not to be in any kind of agony about the “exit” of the British football team tonight! EURO2016) 😉 🙂


  2. I’m always extremely grateful to those of you who very kindly share tweets like this with those of us not on Twitter! Thank you!!


    • you’re welcome and thanks for reminding me. I tend to assume most people are reading them on Twitter these days.


  3. This was great to wake up to.

    He writes with passion – RA’s leading with the feelings as you so often comment, Servetus – and it’s very clear that he is dumbfounded by the outcome of the election.
    The message is a sentimental one, almost poetic (“…crew, who ‘hail from’…”), and he places great emphasis on the interculturality he’s experienced in Berlin.
    To tone the whole emotional sentiment down somewhat, he includes a picture that’s simply fun to look at.
    RA nearly confirmed the continuation of ‘Berlin Station’ – nearly:-)
    All in all a great message to wake up to. I hope his co-workers appreciate it.


  4. Certainly agree, with the reservation that “hails from” is pretty standard and not that poetic IMO.


    • Old-fashined, then. Perhaps not poetic, but still…
      My two favourite dictionaries: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English and Univ. of Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary both refer to the expression as formal and old-fashioned.


      • Formal maybe. Old fashioned, no. It’s the kind of thing you hear on tv here all the time. “Dashawn Johnson, Louisiana quarterback, hails from Houston Texas …”


        • See, this is interesting. Both my dictionaries are British…hail from Great Britain… (ha, just trying to be funny), and they were published some 10 years ago. That said, you (American English) could use it on a regular basis, but this wouldn’t be evident from the (British English) dictionaries.

          This is just testament to my claim that this fandom is so educational on various levels:-)


        • “Hails from” was, and I’m guessing still is, a commonly used term for me, so I don’t think of it as very formal or “old fashioned” and I “hail from” the North East of Scotland.


  5. Isn’t every Scot a poet? 🙂


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