Richard Armitage — more political commentary

here and here are the links
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~ by Servetus on June 29, 2016.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage — more political commentary”

  1. I wonder if he read (is reading) ‘Jilted Generation’ preparing for Love,Love,Love.


  2. I wish I knew for sure if he IS preparing for Love, Love, Love!

    Guess I’m a self-centered something-or-other, but I’m afraid those 2 announcements are going by the wayside…. even wondering if Brexit is somehow affecting his schedule with the MLC film – which might then affect his ability to do the play :”'(


    • Assuming he’s doing it — there are currently three months minus one week between the opening of LLL and today. A film shoot would have to be delayed an awful lot to create a problem. A month to shoot the film, a month rehearse the play? While lacking specific knowledge of the circumstances in this case, in a hypothetical world he’s not in any trouble.

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      • That’s good to hear, sorry for being a little OT… I guess he seems so otherwise focused, I’m afraid he’ll forget that many of us are “still standing by” 🙂 And I wouldn’t be making the major trip that those overseas would be!


  3. The Lithuanian EU politician Vytenis Andriukaitis’ blogpost is really worth a read. Here is a politician who’s dignified in his appreciation for the democratic UK referendum result, albeit he doesn’t agree.


  4. Checked to see if “Jilted Generation” is available on Amazon and it is. Scroll down 4 books and there is Love, Love, Love.


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