Fascinating comment from Richard Armitage on Theresa May?

Screen shot 2016-06-30 at 5.47.49 PMHere’s the link. Theresa May, spy’s PM?

~ by Servetus on June 30, 2016.

17 Responses to “Fascinating comment from Richard Armitage on Theresa May?”

  1. Interesting – and still on the same page as me! 🙂


    • yeah, short of new elections, which I don’t think you’re going to get unless things get much worse, this is probably the best way forward. Even though some of her positions are (to put it mildly) hairraising, the world needs Britain to get this under control ASAP.

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      • Indeed! I agree with him and you two, in the current circumstances, she’s the best option. Not sure about her negotiation skills though…


  2. What’s the “stealth”part about, I wonder?!


    • This tweet was actually supposed to go in Daniel Miller’s character diary (j/k).


      • Lol!

        Gotta say the timing of the politics is suiting his preparation for his various projects.

        But Teresa May opposes free movement in its current form- is it because she gives off the vibe of competence that he finds attractive?


        • They are not going to call new elections unless something gets way worse — so all the posturing going on inside Labour is irrelevant at the moment. The next PM of the UK will be a Tory. There are five candidates and she’s the one who sucks least. That’s how I read it.

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          • No Tory candidate is running to invoke article 50, and with fixed term elections, technically they don’t have to call an election. But they eventually will have to invoke article 50, and I think they will be morally obligated to call an election prior to doing so.

            Labour needs to have its act together for that time.

            Sometimes this is what worries me about Tories – they give the air of competenence so we’re seduced into voting for them, and invariably austerity follows.


            • I think she’s said she won’t call early elections, no? I thought I read that a few days ago. Moral obligation or not. I liked the idea of a renegotiation and then a UK referendum to make a final decision, but I bet the EU will not like that idea one bit.

              I think Labour should have their shit together right now — think what they could have done just this week. But Corbyn obviously was not the person to do it.

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              • Yes, least sucky, up for work, no waste of more time and further division through elections that’s what i got too. Can’t believe im actually rooting for a Tory.. but i liked Ruth Davidson too 🙂 . Labour are in even more serious trouble as i suspect his supporters are right, Corbyn would be reelected within the party, but what appeals to his supporters – his relentless sticking to his own views and principles- is what makes him a leader almost no MP can work with , he doesn’t understand and is incapable of reaching compromise 😕


                • This is the hobby horse I’ve been riding in the US presidential elections (to almost no avail, because all my friends feel differently) — let’s pick someone who has experience negotiating with others. Purity of conviction is all fine and good but in the end to make law you have to work with other people.

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                  • And crucial in negotiations ahead! Ah if only we could sort out Labour! 😊 current Tories seem well equipped for wheeling and dealing 😄well maybe May not quite as much just enough given her governmental experience


  3. I think that’s a common viewpoint based on some Brits I know via a Yahoo! mailing list.


  4. Theresa May makes my skin crawl. If she is their “best hope” then I feel really, really sorry and extremely sad.


    • well, it’s dependent on how their electoral law works. She’s not the best hope overall but she is their best hope given the rules that govern the selection of the next PM.


  5. So, what’s supposedly going to happen next?
    The securities market is seemingly picking up on last week, my banker hubby says, because there’s the overwhelming feeling in the market that the outcome will be ‘remain’. The UK Parliament majority is remain in both Houses. The real joker(s) in this is/are Scotland, primarily, and N.Ireland, secondly. (I’m only referring what he come home and told me yesterday) Of course, it’s all speculation.


    • i read an interesting article in the WSJ yesterday that called this the “unthinkability fallacy” or something like that. I still think they are leaving on some terms or drastically renegotiating their relationships — or the Tories will lose the next election. I just the think the markets have probably factored that in (plus the fact that it isn’t going to be for awhile). Such a horrible thing to be playing poker with.

      re: Scotland, I wonder what will happen. They are financially better off in the pound. If the EU says yes to a separating Scotland, Spain will have a conniption. If all the separatist locations in the EU left their member states? What a mess.


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